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SMQ 9-4 by Snivy101 SMQ 9-4 by Snivy101
Level 9-4 of the Special World 9 in Super Mario Quest!

I needed to show 4 places to make things more understandable.

The level is a weird level, but it's a cool one. Most of it is Gray Blocks, Ball n Chains, and Grey Bowser Statues. Grab a P Switch at one point in the level and use it to access the final star coin shown in the top right. If you have the Yellow Switch unlocked, then you can entor the door shown at the top left. Then you'll need to have the Blue Switch, Red Switch, and Green Switch unlocked to enter 3 more doors each with a room with a few Gold Bowser Statues. Finally after entering the 4th door that you need the Green Switch unlocked to enter, you'll be brought to a room with the cage climbing things at the lower left. You move to a certain point and then you enter a mini boss shown at the bottom right. It's very different. There are 35 total Gold Bowser Statues. You hit them from the cage when they're right on the other side of you. Except it isn't that easy. First off, there are two different sides, meaning you'll have to switch side a lot. Second, their fire can hurt you no matter what side your on! Third, 10 of the 35 statues move faster and blow 2 fire balls instead of 1. Finally after beating all 35 of them, the screen will turn black like any other boss level and you'll finish the level. By taking the normal finish to the level with the end gate then you'll open a pipe that brings you to any world you desire. By beating the secret boss, you'll be able to advance to 9-5.
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April 20, 2013
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