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Rowlet Sprite Animation

By Snivy101
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6/24: Updated the head feathers on the back of its head and made a few minor tweaks
Animated Sprite of the new Generation 7 Grass Starter, Rowlet!!

Free to use with credit to me, Snivy101 for animation, and N-Kin for sprite
Sprite by N-Kin
Animated by me, Snivy101
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© 2016 - 2021 Snivy101
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Rowlett in Gen 5. ^^

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I am using this animated sprite for my future rom hack, Not going to share any specific info in case someone tries to steal my ideas. I am making a full credit document with links for every sprite or file I'm using that's not rightfully mine. Will include that credit in the game aswell once I'm remotely finished. It is a big project so I don't know if I'll ever get to it though. If you want more info just reply to me and I'll probably see it soon.
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Borrowing your dartrix sprite too, you're killing it with the pokemon's esthetics.
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just so you know i am using it for my new youtube outro same with popplio and rowlet ok
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i meant litten lol
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Wow man! Your sprites are amazing! Is it possible you could do sprites for my game? (my username is the name of it) I only have one spriter and no sprite animators so it would be really cool if you could! Please contact me on discord! Username Arin Wolfe#2518 (I have asked other people to be spriters in my game But as far as I know none of them animate) Please contact me!
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Sorry for the very late response! 

I do apologize, but I have a ton on my plate at the moment, and it's honestly difficult for me to be active here, so I'll have to decline. Good luck though!
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Thank you so much, it's of much use in completing my tumblr theme. I have linked you as credits.
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Using it! credited. very nice :)
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Saved it as mine :3 and will credit! <3 This is freaking adorable!
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Awesome! When will the tutorial be coming out?
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Hopefully this week
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OMGG *---* I Love It!
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It's so very cute! It's going to be my second favourite starter after Mudkip! :D
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Would you mind if I make an interpretation of this adorable little guys shiny variation? I might make more than one who knows. I've definitely got one design well thought out.
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