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Dreamy Koopa Hero: Chris by Snivy101 Dreamy Koopa Hero: Chris by Snivy101
Upon contact with the all powerful dream stone, Chris Koopa transforms in to Dreamy Chris Koopa! The special dream hero can use many magical and amazing attacks!
Dreamy Koopa Hero's Attacks:
-Dreamy Thunder Shell: Smaller Dreamy Chris Shells form together rapidly to form a large one to strike the foe with lightning hugeness. 
-Sleepy Bolt: An electrical bolt of dreamy gas and lightning is hurled at the foe. While it doesn't have great power, it can make the foe fall asleep.
-Dreamy Jump: Chris jumps on the foe with copies of him on top of him, and they soon fly back down to hit the foe some more.
-Dreamtastic Punch: A powerful Punch that follows by mini Chris copies punching the foe.
-Dream Thunder Bolt: Powerful bolt that is difficult to produce, but can do huge damage on a foe and sometimes rub off on a few outer enemies.
-Dream Purge: A wave of Dream Gas is released hitting all enemies visible.

Special Dream Attacks:
-Chris Ball: A ball of made up of Chris Koopas is rolled around collecting more Koopas until a giant ball is created and kicked at the foe(s).
-Chris Stack: A stack of made up of Chris Koopas is made and stacks upon more Koopas until a giant tower of Koopas is created and jumps on the foe.
-Chris Twister: Chris goes into the shell and creates a twister that sucks up more Chris Koopas making it more powerful for attacking the foe(s).
-Sleepy Wave: If a special rhythm is done correctly, than a foe will be put to sleep and Chris absorbs health from it each turn until it awakes.
-Dreamy ChriSTAR: Hundreds of copies of Chris are gathered to create an enormous Dreamy Star, that then flies up into the sky and must be aimed at the foe to hit. The ride down is VERY difficult to perform.
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December 27, 2013
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