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Aero/Terra Island by Snivy101 Aero/Terra Island by Snivy101
Aero/Terra Island is the island in the upper middle area.

Aero Island as it is called in Pokemon Quartz, or Terra Island as it is called in Pokemon Topaz.

Which ever name, here's the story. Shortly before going to face off against Team Nova Leader Novelle, Player will encounter Team Nova who has already harnessed the Power of the Mascot Legend and uses its power to create an island off in the distance either by using the winds to blow pieces of land into an island or by using the earth to make an island. However soon after this creation, the Mascot breaks free and flees to its resting place, Mystics Mountain, and then Team Nova goes after it so they can harness its power again and create a new land over Valina that they will control.
--- After beating/catching the mascot and beating the champion---
Player may access Aero/Terra Island by acquiring a ticket to take a boat to the island from Professor Maple. The island will look the same however if it is Aero Island then it will have smoother rocks and it will be very windy outside, or if it is Terra Island then the rocks will be more pointy and some lava will seep through cracks deep in the mountain. If you defeated the Mascot Legend the first time, you will be able to fight it again. If you caught it, then you won't. However both ways you will be able to fight Team Nova Neutron once more. Finally after beating Neutron, he'll give you either a Burnt Plate or a Light Scale which can be held by their corresponding mascot Legend and their Dragon and Ground/Flying type moves will be boosted. Finally after Neutron gives you this he will leave and you will leave on the boat only (not fly). While on the boat, a cut scene will play of Aero/Terra Island sinking back into the ocean not to return.

Original map by ~xAlien95
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