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Daily Deviation
January 1, 2012
next level by ~snipes2 With beautiful design and colors, this skin attracts your attention immediately!
Featured by Alexander-GG
Suggested by Minato-Kushina
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next level

A new minimalistic Visual Style for Windows 7


What makes this Visual Style special is, that you are able to adjust
the color of the frames, the start menu and the taskbar
like in the standard aero visual style of Windows 7!
I kept the rest of the Visual Style monochrome,
so it is compatible with almost every wallpaper.

You can see another preview here: [link] and here: [link]


The pack contains two versions with different explorerframe.dll files:

next level solid - with Mac inspired frames
next level genuine - with Windows inspired frames

I highly recommend you to use the Chiquis shell32.dll files
by =kiko11. You can download them here:[link]


Thank you very much for downloading my art!
I'm always happy to see what people do with my stuff,
so feel free to send me a link to your screenshots!
Please let me know if you encounter any bugs.


=kiko11 for the shell32.dll files
~AlexAvila for the x32 versions of the explorerframes
~kAtz93 for the base Visual Style Tequilla
*Delta909 for the wallpaper used in the preview


Edit 01.01.2012:
Featured in the Daily Deviations,
many thanks to :iconalexander-gg: for the feature and :iconminato-kushina: for the suggesting it!
© 2011 - 2021 snipes2
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Hey bro, your theme is very cool. But my bad luck, I don't know how to use it. Please let me know the instruction to apply this theme on windows 7. Your instruction can help me a lot.

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Alter Schalter. Das hat "Style".  Love 
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If only the default white back color were a bit darker, it would be perfect.

As it is, I darken it with the advanced color dialog.
Nice theme with just one (kinda major) issue: make a multiselection in an explorer window then CTRL click a file in one of the previous selected files (to deselect it) and the background does not revert back to the default explorer background color. This makes selecting multiple files a real hassle since you can not make large selections then remove some selections from the group.

I imagine that it is an easy fix so I am hoping for one soon :)
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Yes, i used the same image for multiple "stages" of selection...
I currently don't really have the time to fix that, but i'll try not to forget about that :D
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Thanks, glad you like it!
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Ja Nein

eindeutig ja :D
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...And thanks again :D
We need basic support
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Damn. :D The basic part is f'd up badly. Just when I found the almost perfect VS.
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Yeah, i know, sorry about that!
I messed it up pretty hard... so hard, I hardly got it working in the end :D
Maybe i'll give it another try some time...
It's great , the only thing missing is basic support . Add that and this will be downloaded and favored even more.

Minimalism and basic go well together ;)
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Thank you!
It will be hard, since i messed up the basic parts :D
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Very fresh and original design, it stylizes the windows layout to a pleasant combination of forms and colours. Well done :) favved~
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Thanks a lot for the feedback!
I appreciate it :)
can you add basic support?.........
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I messed up the basic style pretty hard :D
But i'll try!
waiting for it please try of luck
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