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cushy 1.2 - fixed

// 16.01.2011 // updated to 1.1
// 08.02.2011 // updated to 1.2

This is my first visual style for windows 7
From time to time i will update the style, add new features or renew the old ones.

The file contains
// Visual Style (Font Corbel, 8Pt)
// Visual Style (Font Segoe UI 9Pt -> Standard)
// Preview
// explorerframe.dll for x64 and x32 systems
You can also get the x32 explorerframe here: [link]
// read me.txt

Thanks a lot to all the suggestions and the support!
And special thanks to sergiogarcia ( [link] )

OS Icons: [link]
Dock Icons: [link]
Wallpaper: [link]
iMac: [link]

Featured here in this video compilation: [link] Make sure to watch it in action! Thanks to [link] for uploading!
© 2011 - 2022 snipes2
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This theme is amazing, it's almost all I was looking for, but I do have a question/request.

Could you please make a version with softer colors? I mean, the blue and the yellow are too strong, anyways it looks good.
SylkRode's avatar
could you post just the bmps for the explorerframes, plz?
ZoNi-011's avatar
Same as A4X7 - I use this GREAT theme for a looong time. It is almost perfect :)

I was hopping that there will be v1.5 and later v2.0, which can fix few small things, but I guess there will be new versions...
A4X7's avatar
i used this theme for 4 years! great look and awesome theme! thanks snipes2!
snipes2's avatar
Thank you! I'm really glad to hear that!
Rondey84's avatar
Can someone please HELP me with the Installation. I don't know how to install a theme.
Lesik2008's avatar
It doesn't seem to work for me somehow :-(
System patched, all other themes work.
Whenever I apply cushy I only see the original Windows theme :\
GreenNation's avatar
Ey, same here. I really like the design of this theme but it won't show. It comes up as the Windows Basic and everything is patched. So, i am having the same problem.
rphxc's avatar
same happened to me
Rachid7Hmid's avatar
nice theme man :)
snipes2's avatar
thanks mate!
b-nolakina's avatar
@Snipes.. Can you make Square frame on this Vs..

it will be better i think..
Timeeey's avatar
This VS don't work :/
Hey man, can you get a version that has the user pic in the start menu?
snipes2's avatar
Sorry, won't do this...
Awww... that sucks. :(
Paulo1471's avatar
<small<nice VS, how I can change the clock font size ??
snipes2's avatar
YOu'll have to edit the .mssytles file, glad you like it!
Paulo1471's avatar
mejoh73's avatar
how to change the file types icon in a fast way?theres a lot of file types icon ( png,ico,wmv and etc )
how to change all of them in a fast way.p
snipes2's avatar
I'm using this tool here, that's the best you can get without paying ;)
robotkoer's avatar
Nice. Is text that small by default?
snipes2's avatar
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