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Static + Static Polished + Static Mango


MANGO UPDATE 01.01.2012:
> Added an alternative Visual Style with a different color scheme (see preview bottom)

> Added an alternative Visual Style with new caption buttons (see preview bottom)
> Added 3 new startorbs to the package
> Fixed the caption font
> Fixed the close button in the taskband preview
> Removed the user icon in the start menu
> Fixed some minor stuff
> Added new preview


Inspired by the awesome rainmeter skin omnium: [link]
To disable the window blur use [link]


Thanks to Lumen-Melano here [link] i can now present to you the solution to the MS Office bug some people encountered. Here's what Lumen-Melano wrote:

Right click anywhere on the desktop and click personalise.
Make sure you have selected one of the Static themes as your current theme.
Click on "Window Color" at the buttom of the window.
Then click "Advanced appearance settings".
Then on the new window find 3D Objects in the dropdown menu under "Item:"
Then just make sure that both "Color 1" and "Color" are white.
Click OK and Save Changes and you should be done.



// Static Visual Style + Static Polished Visual Style
// explorerframe.dll (64x and 32x)
// Preview
// readme with installation instructions


stuff in the preview:

[link] (mod by me)

Icons (png):

Icons (ico):

Start orb:


Looks awesome with omnium for rainmeter!
You can see it here: [link]
Also take a look at the matching cursor set here: [link]


Version 2.0 available here: [link]
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Swift207's avatar
That's the perfect combination of Aero with the Metro style UI, well done.
Finaly, the theme I've been looking for. Thanks man! :)
SylkRode's avatar
could you post just the bmps for the explorerframs, plz?
i applied it but nothing changes, just some icons lost. any help please? I ve patched uxtheme
emnog's avatar
Very beautiful. Goes well with Pure Flat icons.
experimental00001's avatar
beautiful theme. reminds me of the upcoming Material Design that google showed off at I/O 2014
Very nice Theme!! Can you make a white version of this?
dikonshkz's avatar
Please Make For Win 8.1 , it is Best Theme Of The World! )))
snipes2's avatar
thank you!
But i probably won't be able to support this for Win 8, storry for that!
dikonshkz's avatar
I`m remake my self )))
nice minimal and high contrast, and better than mango, and WP7,  really likes me  nice job
E-Xotic's avatar
Yep, well done! :)
bobakazooboy's avatar
supermadman's avatar
The blur remover link is broken. Do you have a another one?
Blue-Lambda's avatar
I'm stoned with this theme it's awesome ^^ :)
How come My user pic is still there? In your preview its gone, but when I open the start menu, its still right there.
mohamedtalhi's avatar
hay mean this static is work a windows xp or not?
ntim007's avatar
I badly want this for windows 8 :(
SgtShadowWalker's avatar
I wish there was an easy way to edit themes without downloading tools and everything.
Because my Virus Scanner tells me that this tool I have to download is a virus :(
snipes2's avatar
Isn't a virus ;)
I get this a lot.
Stay save!
Notor1ous's avatar
Hey why is the strip at the top of the windows explorer window gone? You know, the one that has the "organise" button.
snipes2's avatar
i removed it.
You can re-add it by replacing the shellstyle.dll in your
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