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Next update for my static visual style is coming.
I'm currently working on two new visual styles and updating my old ones... The first aim of creating an update was to fix some minor bugs and make the style more compatible with more wallpapers.
The explorerframe.dll and the explorer.exe are nor my work and i do not take any credit . The final version will have its own system files.

My questions for you:
>what do you think about the new taskbar? does it fit to the visual style and the windows 7 phone concept?
>your opinion about the new frame. I added a white frame + shadows but i'm thinking of creating a new version with theglossy taskbar look. This would change the whole themes' look and go more apart from the 7 phone look...
>keeping the green in most of the parts?
>i added some glossy parts to the theme, what do you think about that? Would you keep the flat standard version?
your opinions on the new caption buttons?
>any new ideas?

Thanks for droping by and sharing your thoughts!

As always <download> to get the best view ;)
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It has been frustrating to fins the perfect Metro Theme. With regards to design, this comes the closest. What I love about the theme:
- It's completely flat. It does not have any gloss, embossing, 3D effects etc. A+++
- The scroll bars are sleek and minimal.

Just my humble opinion but the theme has too many different colors and thus breaks up the "flow" of the theme. If the theme could be configured to be shades of grray and one color for highlights, it would be perfect.

PS. The white border doesn't look right.
Great work on the theme. Thank you.

Looking forward to version 2.