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Static 2.0

By snipes2
Inspired by the windows 7 phone gui and the awesome rainmeter skin omnium [link]


Thanks to Lumen-Melano here [link] i can now present to you the solution to the MS Office bug some people encountered. Here's what Lumen-Melano wrote:

Right click anywhere on the desktop and click personalise.
Make sure you have selected one of the Static themes as your current theme.
Click on "Window Color" at the buttom of the window.
Then click "Advanced appearance settings".
Then on the new window find 3D Objects in the dropdown menu under "Item:"
Then just make sure that both "Color 1" and "Color" are white.
Click OK and Save Changes and you should be done.

Because both colours are white it can affect some programs so that toolbars appear all white. You can in fact change it to any colour, as long as it isn't black.

So to prevent those issues instead of selecting white for "Color" select Other.
Then select black in the bottom lefthand corner of "Basic colors".
Then drag the arrow on the far right up a little bit and then click "Add to Custom Colors".
Make sure that colour is selected before you click "OK".

So even though it looks pretty much like black it isn't and it prevents from older programs not showing up correctly.



// Three different visual styles
// Three different explorerframes (64x and 32x)
// Preview
// Readme with installation instructions
// Mataching start orbs


stuff in the preview:

wallpaper: [link]
icons: [link]
monitor: [link]

> Please let me know about any bugs problems and issues!
> Do not upload my work or any part of it to deviantart or any other website!
> Static standard visual style: [link]
> featured on themeFusion : [link]

Many thanks to :iconalexavila: for providing the 32x explorerframe.dll, :iconstdevilheart: for creating the shell32.dll and :iconotisbee: for the DD feature!

Thanks for downloading!
© 2011 - 2021 snipes2
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the wallpaper link dosen't Work is there any other link please :| (Blank Stare) 
Unfortunately, in the readme for installation, the following is no longer available :/ 

disable window blur:…
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Hi man, nice work, very beautiful, it works on windows 10?
It's very slick, though I had different colours in mind for my color scheme. If I want to customize your theme, how would I go about it? Do I need to use reshacker to mod the resources? 
how to download????
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on the right side is the download button :)
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I cant get this to work after patching my system files successfully. Any help please?
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How can I fix this problem, when I watch the video with fullscreen, a few secondes later, the task bar appears often...

PS: Sorry for bad english because I'm french

Thanks! :) 
missing control panel how to fix ?
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I fuckin love this theme, thank you so much!
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:) thank you for this
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It's nice!
But you should fix the Rainmeter skin reference, which is actually called "Omnimo".
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>windows 8 visual style for windows 7

>on mac

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That's great. xD
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Alltime Favorite...

Must switch to Win8, can I use this skin?
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I take that back, if you're running x64, you only need to change the .dll is system32. Ignore my last comment.
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Issues in Chrome after replacing ExplorerFrame.dll: whenever I try to open the download folder via "Show in folder", error says "Class not registered". I guess I'll use this without the Explorer Frames.
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Uh, how do you install this? I tried doubleclicking the *.msstyles files, but the theme just reverted to win 7 default no-aero theme
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