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Silica + Silica glass

I started this visual style over a year ago. It was for my personal use at first, but it developed well and i changed more and more parts of the theme, so i decided to share it with you.
My goal was to create a minimalistic visual style with best usability.

The rar file contains:

// Silica visual style
// Silica glass visual style
// Silica explorerframe (64x only, sorry 32x users)
// Silica glass explorerframe (64x only, sorry 32x users)
// preview
// readme

Update - 31.08.2013
You can download the explorerframe.dll for 32x systems here:…

icons in the preview:…
first wallpaper in the preview:…
second wallpaper in the preview:…
startorb in the preview:…

Thanks a lot to :iconneiio:, who let me use his APPOWS2010 visual style as base. Silica started off as a personal modification of his style over a year ago. I highly enjoy and appreciate his work.

Thanks for downloading and please let me know about any bugs, errors or problems!

featured here:
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how can i download it ??????????
How I use it? I already downloaded it, but I still cannot use it
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Cheers for this; Looks Awesome :]
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relly good ~~~~! i like it so much!!!
Hi, how can I change the text color in start menu to black ?

I don't see this gray very well [link]

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Sorry, i can't develop this any further, since i'm using Win8...
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i love the background.... very innocent.....
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Answered my own question: There's only explorerframe dlls for x64. right?
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Late response time!
I've made x86 (or 32bit as some people call it :P) version. It's available here >>…
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I forgot to ask you a question: I didn't get the cool, rectangular, back and forward system buttons for the explorer windows. I still have the round blue ones from windows 7. Any clues as to what might have caused this? Regards and thanks again, J
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Sorry for the late reply, i can't develop this any further, since i'm using Win8...
change the explorerframe.dll. be sure to make a backup incase anything goes wrong. if you didn't make a backup, & everything has gone wrong, don't blame me or the creator, blame it on yourself.
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Very nice work! It installed seamlessly, looks great and works great. I'm using the glass one with the blue mesh background and the white token icons. Very neat and smart. Thank you for sahring you work. J
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Exactly what I was looking for. Difference between the glass and non-glass styles?
i'm using window 7 home premium, the last I change my theme, my whole desktop become blank.. what's that supposed to mean?
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amazing vs. imho the best non-aero theme so far.
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Silica is the best non-glass theme for windows 7 I've ever seen.
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Thank you very much!
It's based on one of neiio's styles, check him out ;)
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Icons look like token :D
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