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Obsidian for Windows 7 - aero/basic

UPDATE // 04.02.2011:
/ Fixed some minor bugs
/ Thanks to ~martin10018 now with a basic.theme file

The package includes two Visual Styles for Windows 7
and custom images to change the explorerframe.dll

Basic Support is enabled. Now with a custom basic.theme file.


For installation instructions read this: [link]

To change the explorerframe I suggest you to use this wonderful tool: [link]

The start button is made by =kiko11 and you can find it here: [link]
To change the start button please use this tool: [link]
The start button is not included

I also used a custom shell32.dll in the preview. You can find it here: [link]

Additional wallpaper: [link]

Thank you very much for downloading my art!
Please let me know if you encounter any bugs.
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Excellent theme. However, can you make the radio buttons into black? Light gray one white is very hard to distinguish. Hoping for your reply.
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I have no idea what I have done wrong, but the theme is not working whatsoever. 
Thanks for including basic support. Great looking theme!
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this is my favourite theme by now, but i wish there would be full black.
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glad you like it, thanks!
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Bekomme ich irgendwo diese Natur Wallpapers her, die oben in dem einen Ordner zu sehen sind?!
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Sorry, die hab ich schon lange nicht mehr ...
Schau mal auf Wallbase oder bei deviantart in der wallpaper Kategorie, 
da hab ich eigentlich immer meine Hintergründe her.
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Any chance too see it for Windows 8.1?
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sorry, no Win8 support.
i really would like to, but can't :/
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Okay. Thanks for the answer.
It's just too perfect to be true
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Cool theme for windows 7 :D
Awesome theme bro! :D work´s 100%++fav 
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Missed this and you of course on windows 8. :)
Hope it s all good for you mate!
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Hey there, how's it going? So nice to hear from you!
I really wanted to get started with the Windows 8 stuff...
The i decided to wait for windows 8.1 to come out, but i just didn't manage to even install it.
For now i really need a working and well functioning computer for university and it takes so much time 
to get things sorted out and everything properly running. 
I miss customizing a lot, but i don't know when i'll be able to start again.

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i wish you made the exploreframe file so we can let third party software off
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Okay, i cant understand how to install this.
I dont understand this installation guide abow.

Can someone tell me how to do this and tell me what i need?

I REALLY REALLY want this theme, i like it so much!

Please help!
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Does this work on windows 8?
This is allmost damn hear perfect. have been looking for a good dark theme for ages that also works when aero is disabled (when i use my streaming software).

I'd like to request just one thing. could you make a variant that deplaces the orange with a different color? like a green akin to Android 2.3.x or a blue like in android 4.x?
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Ok, I finally made it, here's version with some fixes [link] Thank you for permission master! :]
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Sorry for the late reply... it's awesome!
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It's all thanks to you ^^
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