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Metro wallpaper pack

Here are some Metro style wallpapers for you!

I have been using them for quit a while now and decided to finally upload them. So i cleaned them up, created some alternative versions and here they are!

The resolution is 2560x1600 only. (Nobody wants to download a hundred megabyte wallpaper pack!) So feel free to crop and resize the wallpapers as you like.

// 65 high quality wallpapers
// 10 colors
// 6 different versions
// 5 bonus wallpapers

Thanks for downloading!
© 2011 - 2021 snipes2
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thanks for sharing!
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Thanks a lot!
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Thanks! Appreciate it! :)
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Hey There.

I create themes for Windows 7 and Windows 8 and am planning to make a Windows 8 themed one. Some of these wallpapers would be a great addition to the themes. I request for your permission to use your works in the themes. Credits are given in a text file along with the theme as well as in the deviation details here on DA.

Please see my profile for several other themes that I have already created with permission from numerous artists on DA and other sites. Hope you too are OK with this.
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sure, no problem!
In no way is this metro.
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nice, simple and colourful. like it !
wow thanks a lot!
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nice clean and candy....
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glad you like it!
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Wonderful wallpapers, I use some on my personal website and give full credit to you, hope that is okay.
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klar, kein Ding!
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Super. Danke.
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It's very nice of you!Thanks!
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