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Web Form Elements Vol.2

By sniperyu
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because this set was commercially abused , i decided to put it online for everyone to use with little fee included - FOR PSD VISIT THIS LINK

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I like your work but my money is not enough yet.But I read a negative comments below.Hope it will be ok as soon as possible.Thanks.
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Yeah people do not give themselves enough time to read the description and see preview :) This is a really old set.
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this is misleading
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1 side of design is missing in the pdf, where is it?
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Not yours .. beerk ;) (Wink) 
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Good work!
Please check out my new work too…
Hope you appreciate it :)
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I paid for this and only got the left PSD stuff.
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Drop me your email adress with transaction ID included to sniperyu@gmail. On GR page you can clearly see what is included in the pack, but because there is a lot of people that want the right side also (don't know why, it is very simple and fast to produce and nothing too fancy) i email that part per request.

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Does the PSD for the right follow?
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the ones in the lift are mine :); happy to see them in use :D
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yeah, i only copied it 2 years before you ever produced it ;) (postdate:2009 vs yours 2011)
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I produced them in 2008 and i've shared them for free in many websites, i have your PSD, the same layers :) these are my creations, you can't say no, i didn't forbid the comercial use so you can use them.. goodluck with sales at graphicriver.
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Hi, I Purchased from Envato Pty Ltd but it only includes the elements shown in the left of your screenshot and I was really after the elements shown on the right. Any way I can get a copy?

Transaction ID: 1E584210P4849162F
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sent, enjoy cheers
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thanks it's awsome.
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All my Base are belong to you! Nice Work xD
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Smart menu awesome!
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a very great design
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