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Space Nebula Tutorial

Okay, this is my third tut. :)

A few people sent me notes asking how to a make a space nebula. It's simple, really. You can make a decent nebula using the Clouds Filter, no stocks required. It's short and not very detailed, so you need some experience with Photoshop to do this properly.. .

If you have any questions, feel free to ask :)
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that's a really cool and simple tutorial actually, I wish I had known 10 years ago! :XD:
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It's a very helpful tutorial :) Thanks a lot ^^
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That a nice and well explained tutorial, will try it one day ;)
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I always wanted to create things like this. Thanks for posting this, it's very helpful.
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Thanks :) Glad you found it helpful.
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oh my lord this tutorial is amazing and the end result is so very beautiful
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Thanks very much!
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That was a great tutorial. Thanks a lot! 
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Ty for the tutorial c:. Any help though?I keep applying ctrl f but when i change to color dodge nothing happens. Ive clicked ctrl f repeatedly for 10 minutes and nothing. any help?
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Is the background black? The Color Dodge blend mode doesn't work on a background that's 100% black.. If it is then open the foreground color picker and type in this code in box at the bottom 06121b,  and hit enter to use that color for the background for now. Hitting ctrl f repeats the last filter that you just applied, in this case Difference Clouds. The Difference Clouds filter needs to be applied on a new layer. After doing that set it to color dodge. :)
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She uses dark blue, #06121b)
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Amazing, probably the most useful tutorial on nebulas here. Great job!
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Excellent tutorial!
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I really want to produce things like this! I guess I'm going to have to buy photoshop instead of using SAI?
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Yep, this tutorial is for Photoshop users. Don't know about Sai, but you can still create matte paintings, digital paintings, etc in other programs. You can try GIMP, its free :)
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I found some SAI tutorials which are for milkyways and space themed paintings so I used them ^-^
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