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a retraction of august's horoscope
“aquarius, you have fallen in love with the storm again,”
the august horoscope reads.
it is almost—but not quite—correct.
for the sake of astrological accuracy
it might be revised to read,
“aquarius, you have fallen
in love—” (this part
may remain)
“—aquarius, you have fallen in love
in the sticky heat of summer,
the air as damp as your skin,
heat rising from the tarmac
of this flat swamp town.”
or perhaps, “aquarius,
it will not feel like a storm.
there will be no lightning bolts,
no thunder. there will be no fire
under your skin.”
“aquarius, your love will be slow and soft.
it will be the sound of leaves rustling and pages turning,
of songs sung quietly in a dark bedroom, of cell phones ringing
at the most inopportune moment.
it will be the smell of dinner cooking. aquarius,
your love
will be his body pressed against yours
as you sit on the kitchen counter at 2am
quietly drinking tea, and
it will be losing
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Old garden shed by Bakenius Old garden shed :iconbakenius:Bakenius 47 4
It was another gray day in Industry City, and as always, the morning found Otto pushing his old steel-mesh supply cart from house to house.
Despite the distances he had to walk each day, he rather enjoyed his job. It was not what you'd call a dream job. Or a nice job. Or even a respectable job. But it was a job. A real, legitimate, occupation. Most others like him would never achieve anything in life, working as servants or manual laborers: slaves in all but name.
When he reached the next house on his route, he approached the front door and pulled the cart up just behind him and to one side.  He knocked three times on the door and waited patiently for a reply. It wasn't long before the door opened to reveal a curly-haired, middle aged woman. She looked at Otto with a slightly puzzled expression, but listened nonetheless.
"Evvvning ma'am." Otto greeted in a friendly tone.
"Good evening...." she said, unsure of how to respond.
"My nammmme is Otto. Are you havinggg agoodday?"
"Yes, I
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So apparently I died there for awhile.  Hoo-boy, I haven't updated anything in ages.  Haven't, as it appears, really been on that much either.

I know I don't have a ton of watchers, but just to let those lucky few know--I am actually still drawing.  Getting better at it too, by jove.  However, I'm still not going to be ultra super awesome active on here for a bit more--I'm waiting until I have more than scraps to upload.  My semester has also attempted to attack and maim me, and I've been having loads of fun dealing with that.

I still owe plenty of people replies.  And it'll take awhile, but I'll get around to that too :).


The Wicked Wench of the West
United States


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motar22001 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014
So, I saw that your Facebook page disappeared. And then I thought, "Oh no! How am I supposed to never receive updates on her life?"

And then I realized, "Well, I could always not receive updates through DeviantArt."

And then I was satisfied.
SnikkiPikkins Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2014
Excellent choice, sir! Though I haven't posted any art in ages, I am actually pretty active on here - one of the few websites where I still am, in fact.

(Facebook, for the record, was managing to simultaneously annoy and guilt me. I was annoyed every other day when they sent me notice reminders, and guilty every other year when I signed in and saw the people that I was inadvertently ignoring.  I decided to debride the wound at its source.)

And now a burning desire to find out what you've been up to has gripped me. So...what have you been up to? Besides internet stalking old friends, that is :).
motar22001 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2014
Well, I have no idea if I should tell you that I'm "still living in Vegas" or if I'm "living in Vegas again," since I can't remember when the last time was that we talked.  I've been working at News 3 doing internet stuff because I managed to convince them I'm good at it and no one has yet seen through my ruse.

I've mostly been up to the generic "this is what living people do" sort of things. But besides that, I've done a bit of writing (though finishing things I start isn't my strong point) and have been messing around with making a video game (which is actually turning out pretty well, I've gotta say.)

I might be going to Australia later this year, but that depends on whether or not I'm an idiot for thinking I'll be able to afford to go to Australia later this year.

How about you? I'm not even sure I know which side of the country you reside in anymore.
SnikkiPikkins Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2014
What is it about Vegas that seems to suck everyone back in? Fortunately I've made good my escape and I'm living in Montana, working at a tax office as a receptionist. Long hours this time of year, but it helps me practice my efficiency.

Hopefully you like internet stuff - though the writing and the video game sound particularly fun!  I remember you were always writing in your notebook on the bus whenever we went on class trips. Finished any of those?

My problem still remains starting. I have dozens of ideas and a vague sort of drive to get them done, but not quite enough gumption to start.  I'm still pretty determined though, so I'll hang my hat on "someday" and imagine what it will be like being rich and famous.  Or at least my own boss.

What's your videogame about?  Are you working with friends, or just on your own?
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Jspx Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey thanks a bunch for the wonderful comment and watch! :heart:
motar22001 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2008
So, do you still exist, or did you get bored with the whole 'existence' thing?
SnikkiPikkins Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2009
Totally over existence. Overrated, undervalued, that sort of thing.
motar22001 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2009
Well, if you ever decide to pick up existence again, feel free to let me know. I'm existing my socks off over here.
spence137 Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2007
Does your family still live in Vegas? I'm in town for the next month, and I'd like to see you if you're around.
SnikkiPikkins Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2008
Whoa, sorry. I haven't checked the site in ages--it's on my list of "things I will eventually get back into."

The Schultz stock has actually moved up north--we're lurking near the underskirts of Canada now. Montana just wasn't the same without us.
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