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By Snigom
Yes...another year has slipped on by.  DA has gotten so big I doubt many people even see my art anymore.  They get fewer and fewer views.  Hell, there's still work from last year no one even bothered to comment on or download.  Either I am forgotten or suck pretty hard now a days.

Whatever the reason, I will continue to upload my work here for anyone who wants to enjoy it.  I don't do Tumbler or Reddit.  I have a Patreon account… if anyone is interested.  I will be uploading videos of how to do certain traditional techniques, inking, and some dip pen talk.

I was quite pleased with this years work and it went over VERY well at the art show.  My Fox-E picture got an incredible amount of attention for a nude piece.  I also did well at my table.  I think last year was all about timing.  Not getting the con on the holiday weekend really hurt sales.

At any rate, go forth and enjoy my new works...see you next year ;)
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Try Ello? Hehe :P (Link is to my index post of original drawings posted on Ello...)
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I have an Ello account...but I have not actually done much with :(
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Well hey, like: if dA still works for your purposes then dA still works for your purposes. Don't sweat it, your work is appreciated as you yourself are well aware of B-)

Don't dive into yet another social network just because it's new; there's already way. too. many. social networks out there, and needlesly spreading one's self ever thinner does no one any good.

...And still I also gotta ask, sorry: how about Instagram? Emote - Shy Wave 01 
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New...I tried other stuff and I still stick to this place; it's like a familiar friend. People are less troll-like here. :)

Instagram....meh. It does nothing for me at this time.
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You have under 500 favs in 8+ years on this site. It's interactions with the community that induce traffic on a site this big. Talent has not as much to do with it.
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I know, I also just bought a 3 month CORE membership so, that may also help.

IN the past I hadn't had much time to be on DA.  With my daughter now going to school, I can spend more time.
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