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By Snigom
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Xerox Ink on Archer's Hot Press Watercolor paper using watercolor and acrylic paint.

I originally called this, "No Means No!" As sort of a social message about voyeurism but taken into a fantasy setting.  I enjoyed playing with elvish features and creating different weaponry.  Her bladed staff is carved out of wood. She's flaring her wings in warning and is expressionless showing her nearly "no F**ks given" attitude.  I did go a bit overboard on the 'perv' stereotype but I think it worked well. I also like the contrast of the watercolor of the characters against the acrylic heavy background.  It gives it a bit of a cell animation look.  In fact, the technique to do the bushes actually came from a video of Disney artists working on Sleeping Beauty.
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To be fair, I'd do something similar, but for science instead. Seriously, getting ANY form of concrete evidence proving the existence of The Fae would be a massive shake-up of science as we know it. Also, the "perv" looks like 95% of guys on the internet, especially here on Deviantart. COINCIDENCE?

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I thought it was unique.
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Wow oo
This picture is extremly awesome. It makes me wonder though why the elf is concerned with nude pictures as she probably never wears clothes either way.

The weapon design is also very cool ^^
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She's not so much concerned about being photographed nude as she is about being spied on by someone who is clearly impure of heart. ;)
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Oh. Now that makes sense ^^

But then again. Is being interested in a pretty female "impure of heart"? Isn´t it a very natural thing?
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There's admiring beauty and then there's sexualizing beauty. Either way, the story is likely to be different for each viewer; which I think is cool. So the reality may be that my intention was for the viewers to discover for themselves what this picture means to them; so long as they enjoy it :)
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Definitely an interesting picture with lots of room for debate :3
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Those are usually the best kinds of art.  Art that has replay and discussion value :)
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