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Holy Landscape

By Snigom
Painted in Painter 9, then brought into Photoshop for a few effects.

THis is the main background for the Binary Death CD cover. I liked it for what it was before it gets incorporated into the main peice. So enjoy!

UPDATE 12/21/06: It was noticed that the Rock near the shorline didn't have the correct reflection and it looked weird. So I corrected it! Thanks for noticing that! :D
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© 2006 - 2021 Snigom
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this is so relaxing to look at
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Beautiful.  Your work is breathtaking.
shiverstone's avatar
May I please use this for a chatlands room.. I promise to give you all the credit ;_;
Snigom's avatar
sure, go ahead; enjoy :)
Emmaslindh's avatar
Heyy! Veeeery beutiful picture! Just want to take a swim in it :D As a few other asked down there, could i get permission to use this on mydreamstable's swedish site? :) Will credit you back! :)
MunchyCrunchyMan's avatar
very nice sense of space and lighting, love the elements two :)
Aztek350's avatar
Beautiful work!
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kessdox's avatar
great effects, great result overall man ! thumbs up, rly nice piece of work ;))
Fialia's avatar
Wow, this is amazing, I could watch this for hours! <3
May i use it on the swedish version of called :$ :)
Snigom's avatar
sure, go ahead :) enjoy.
yangoviper's avatar
Beautiful! May I use this on
Snigom's avatar
Musou-Enrai's avatar
WO-HOAAW! This is ... this is ... :dead: :jawdrop:
Snigom's avatar

Musou-Enrai's avatar
Oh, my god! :tears: Now I saw the sunshine at the top. It's... it's... :dead: ... digital! :fear:
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artworkbymoze's avatar
I like this. Very fantasy like. Like a dream beautiful.
Filiana's avatar
I want to be there :D
Very well done :)
aaronphilby's avatar
You have a very great sensitivity and sense of balance.
SunsDelight's avatar
Snigom: I'm trying to put together some various images together. I saw this and fell in love with it. Could I use it for my little project? I promise to give credit where credit is due.
Snigom's avatar
No worries. Use away :)
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