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11 x 14 acrylic paint and airbrushed acrylic paint on illustration board.

This is by far one of the best pieces I have ever done. The technique just clicked and flowed.
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RainMaKer02's avatar

Its insane! woooooooowwowoowowowoowowowowowoowowo

I love it

Se nota mucho el esfuerzo!

synthetikxs's avatar
moar of this pleez! [diggin it!]
twistedmentality's avatar
whoa dude!

i agree. one of your best.
Snigom's avatar
lol Thanks!  I really tried to push some boundaries with this one.
twistedmentality's avatar
youre welcome. consider the boundaries pushed ;)
lucsurr's avatar
Cute pet, great piece of art! :love:
Snigom's avatar
lol, yeah but...will be obedient?
SweetLittleAki's avatar
;w; oh my god, She's BEAUTIFUL! :squee: *glomps and pets her* 

Truly, AMAZING work. :heart: Really really love it. you've earned a new watcher :3
Snigom's avatar
LOL Thanks! Although I must warn that I am not a prolific poster. I only have the Summer, typically, to do this kind of work.  Although, I am trying to change that this year :)
SweetLittleAki's avatar
Well, you're foxy girl is positively beautiful, and I'm already a fan. ;w; I wish she was mine. I wish I had the original. :heart: Also, tbh I wish I owned the character too ._. she's just so darn cute! :squee:
Snigom's avatar
The original was for sale this Summer at the AnimeFest ArtShow.  She has already departed to a new owner :( 

Yes, I have a hard time not staring ;)
SweetLittleAki's avatar
T^T nooooooooooooooo! ;-; Foxxy girl noooooooo!

This is actually such a tease, as I have an OC who looks almost exactly like this little minx, and I've been wanting to have a realistic piece done of her. ._. I honestly thought it WAS my oc until I realized "hey, this guy has no idea I or she exists." XD
Baka-fool's avatar
The original Foxy-Girl is all mine. Bwahahaha.  But I am sad that I will be missing the 2016 AnimeFest ArtShow. Good luck Snigom, tell the gang they need to bid higher to make up for my absents. 
odavis's avatar
She's smokin' hot, but your skills are equal! Actually, incredible! More, more, more!!!:D
Snigom's avatar
Thanks!  I am usually not overly impressed with my own work, but I have to admit I was rather smitten with this foxy kitten! :)

I am going to try hard to do more, we'll see how my convictions turn out. :D
spoems's avatar
Pretty good stuff. The shading and skin color are just marvelous.
Snigom's avatar
Quite agree!  While waiting in line for the Art Show, the guy that bought it asked me if it was 'easy' to do. I showed him all the photos I took of doing this step by step and explained the technique...just so I could say, "NO" it wasn't easy by any stretch. ;)
Baka-fool's avatar
I asked that to make a point to my friend that was standing in the line also as he seems to think all airbrushing is easy and anyone could just pick it up and do it as well as an artist like Snigom. Just wish I could say it put him straight, but that is a hopless fight. 
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