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Female Anatomy Patterns

Ok, this is a compilation on some notes I have taken over the past 5 years or so. This is a tiny snippit of that information. I have reams and reams of information to go through and organize. I want to publish a book on my ideas.

no one has ever publish an anatomy book based primarily on women. Sure there have been "how to draw Comic Females" and "how to draw Anime Females" But never a "How to draw female anatomy" book.

So tell me if you think these patterns are useful. Let me know if the help you draw females better.
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These are extremely helpful for me as I learn on my own. Thank you!

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Thank you very much for sharing.
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Your tutorial is very helpful though :)
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It is so freaking hard to draw a male char with female upper torso+hips without it looking weird. (<- I was commissioned to do this)
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Hey thanks very much for this, I was getting into drawing the body.
Btw how important is the pattern grid? I only need to look at that to check if my proportions is correct right?
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helpful... thanks :D
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Thanks, this is if great help!
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Thanks for putting this up, I know it was a long time ago... Did that book ever happen? Id be interested if it did.
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Great patterns and tips!
And I wish you the best of luck with your book!
I think these patterns are useful, these will help me draw females better. thank you.
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Simple and useful tutorial.
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This will be helpful with my art. I'm just getting back to drawing after a break of few months.
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Much appreciated! 
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Last one to do a decent book on Anatomy as Leonardo daVinci! Your work here has been a great help to mine already! Publish a book I'll be your 1st customer! LOL :) Thanks for all you have posted!
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Thanks alot for this! Really helpful. :)
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J'aime beaucoup. Très pratique
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This is a huge help !

thanks a lot for the info. hope i can make use of it XD
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This is awesome. I love the curving lines, it really helps! Thanks for sharing this! :DD
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very insightful thanks for sharing 
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Oh man, the directional drawing aid helped me out so much! Thank you! 
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Really nice! But where are the curves? She has no hips!
And I think that back and butt looks very male!

I hope you don't take it the wrong way, just giving a few tips ^^
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