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Face Patterns Tutorial

I know I said that i'd do the Male anatomy next, but this one came up and I decided to do it. I am still working on the male. The notes are there, I just need to draw it out. Let me know if you have any questions
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Thanks for the help
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I dont know why I'm so awful at human faces. I've been fine with drawing other animals even ones I haven't drawn before if I have a photo reference but humans are so difficult for me.
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not sure if this tutorial isn't missleading. the quarter view lips are definitely wrong. just draw a vanishishing point for the upper and lower lip edges, and you'll see.
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I'm just trying to improve my head and face anatomy, this will be really usefull to me, thank you!
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Hello, I really like your tutorial, it helps me a lot. Can I upload them to the Chinese network to the Chinese painting enthusiasts to learn, I will indicate your name, and it will be free.
Thank you very much for sharing.
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Thank you very much for this tutorial! I found it very helpful! :)
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Instructive, thanks
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Thank you for sharing, this makes drawing less "frightenning" and more accessible to noob like me haha! :)
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Patterns be pattering in the pitterring of usefulness (translation: I like this idea of human body "patterns." Even if my future characters won't be necessarily... standard in shape, it helps to keep in mind the underlying ideas that make them human. w00t!) Dance! 
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Thank you so much the nose has really helped me
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oh i needed this really bad thank you :D
Thanks for the eyebrow drawing
moon-c-a-t's avatar
Thank you for all your tutorials!  Very helpful! :)
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very helpful, thank you!
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this helped me a lot, thank you :)
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thx a lot! It helps me to draw the face:)
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Very helpful! Thank you :)
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