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Arms and Hands Tutorial

I had a TON of notes on Arms and Hands, and fingers. I grabbed what I thought was most important for this tutorial. It was a pain in the butt to place things in some dicernable order, so I hope it doesn't confuse!

ENJOY!!! :boogie: <--I love that emoticon! :)
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I am breaking my brain to figure out how to sculpt a movable figure, to let the arms, legs, hips etc move and bend, but I don't like the joints of articulated dolls. so I'm trying to imagine how to create a hinge that kinda resembles normal human anatomy. This helped a lot! thank you for the effort Kirby Jamming

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I googled: 
And I found this.
h h h 
It's usefull.
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Thank you very much for sharing.
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Thanks for this tutorial! I found it very helpful in my drawings!
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This helped me out. Thank you for this.
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This is great, I think it'll be really helpful!
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Glad I could help :)
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thanks for this! it really helped me out! :)
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Excellent!  You're welcome :D
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Really awesome and informative guide!

Any advice you might be able to give to an amateur artist who struggles with the human figure, especially proportions? :aww:

What are good exercises for getting that down?
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Thanks so much :)
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thx so much!! great tutorial *^* very helpful!
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Thanks alot for the tutorial 😀😀 It really helps👍👍
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Thanks. This helped a lot.
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Thanks to your material I've found some mistakes I made when i drawed arms Facepalm  haha
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This is very helpful, thank you so much! 
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Thanks for this awesome post. Now I can draw a shark with biceps. :) (Smile) 
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Thanks for this post. Hands are my greatest weak point and I always get super frustrated drawing them... :)
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Thanks for posting this.  Hands take a lot of practice, but it's something you need to learn if you want to draw.  That goes double if you want to go pro.  I heard that the legendary Jack Davis got where he is today because he was very good at drawing hands.
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Thank you, will help me a lot.
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you're welcome :)
Thank you so much. This is just what i was looking for.
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