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Water color on "I can't remember because it was TOO long ago when I bought this sheet" watercolor paper. It's 11 x 14.

Just a sultry little thing.  Some complain her eyes were too big.  Meh, if you can't enjoy the picture because of the size of her eyes, then you don't enjoy art.
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MarcoPellino's avatar
Amazing piece! 
odavis's avatar
Uh, who's complaining? Me likey the eyes and everything else! :D

By the way, you've been quite busy! Just put me to shame will ya!!!
Snigom's avatar
That was the word I got back from the artshow; which is ironic considering that this is an anime convention and they're complaining about big eyes o__O.  Those folks are picky! :)

Mainly busy in the Summer.  Now that the little one has started school I have some more free time. :D
odavis's avatar
Hahahahaha... totally! :nod:

Then you'd better take full advantage, my friend! ;-)