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Stolen from someone


● dated someone twice?
Considering I've only ever dated once, ....

● been cheated on?
I hope not?

● kissed someone & regretted it?
Forced familial affection. (No, nothing R rated.) I only kiss my cats now.

● lost someone special?

● been depressed?
I had a few bad months in fourth grade.

● fallen for a friend?
Maybe? I don't actually know. I'm pretty stunted in that emotional department.

● broken someones heart?
Probably. Not intentionally.

● turned someone down?


● made a new friend?

 laughed until you cried?
I have never understood this phenomenon. I've laughed while crying (as in I was crying first). But laughing until I cry? Is that just where your eyes water a little bit (and may or may not spill)? Or does it turn into legit sobbing?

● met someone who changed you?
I can only change myself.

● found out who your true friends were?
Is this supposed to be in a good way or in a bad way?

● what did you do for your last birthday?
I went to a funeral after flying in at 1am after three hours of layover. Oh you mean for my birthday? I don't think we did anything except go out for a slightly-more-expensive-than-usual meal. I was too busy attending a funeral to do anything else.

● what time did you wake up today?
Once around 4am due to a weird dream that I no longer remember and did not write down on my phone (because 4am and dark and phone is bright and ow), and again at 6:30 when my alarm went off for me to get up and go to work.

● name something you cannot wait for:
I don't know anymore.

● what is what thing you wish you could change about your life?
Having passion for something? And knowing what that passion is? And being able to pursue it? (the ability to pursue is subject to a lot of internal guidelines as well)

● what are you listening to right now?
My cats fighting in the next room.

● favourite color?
Probably purple though I've been wearing an awful lot of pink lately. I also like wearing really light teal.

● nicknames:
Em. Emery.

 relationship status:

 zodiac sign:

● do you have a crush on anyone?
Kind of? But we don't talk because he's doing life and I'm kind of doing life

● what do you like about yourself?
I don't like things about myself. (I do dislike a few things. But I'm mostly neutral.) But I do like things I create so there's that?


 want kids?
Not really.

● get married?
I guess maybe one day but I'm picky so probably not.

● career?
Apparently not because I'm so wishy washy that I can't settle on something even for the short term.
I want to go into the medical field. But I don't want to focus solely on allopathic (western/conventional) medicine, and I feel like that'd be very hard to do and I'm a coward so no.
Currently studying civil engineering but I don't think that's what I want to do. It's more of a "this is a 4-year degree and a decent paycheck at the outset" thing.


 lips or eyes?
I'm better at drawing eyes.

● hugs or kisses?
Probably hugs

● shorter or taller?
Somewhere around my height, but probably slightly taller.

● older or younger?
Probably older but not much older.

● sensitive or loud?
    b... both

● hook-up or relationship?
Relationship thanks

● who from all of your exes do you care most about?
I have one ex, and I care enough to send him a random cake picture on his birthday so ???

● out of everything in the world what do you wish for?
Purpose. Followed by good food and art (2D form) and music and cats who tolerate cuddling.

● are you afraid of falling in love?
Must be.

● do you like the way you look?
As long as I don't have to go pants shopping I'm pretty happy with my appearance.
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