FFM 2020 30

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"Can you play like Squidward???"

Sigh. Deep breath. She's six; she doesn't know any better.

Squawk! Squeak honk squawk!

The kids giggle and laugh while I hold back tears. Look what they made me do to my baby, my prefect reed.

"Did you know Squidward isn't actually bad at clarinet?" the resident meme master states. "He sounds bad because he's playing underwater."

Deep breaths. It's okay, Squidward isn't - 

"Who would put a clarinet underwater? You'd ruin the instrument."

"It's just a -"

"Squidward is bad at clarinet because he has tentacles, no fingers. He's pressing all the buttons at once."

Flash-Fic-Month 2020 Day 30

"I play the clarinet." *nails the glissando from Rhapsody in Blue*
"Can you play like Squidward?"

The long awaited clarinet drabble.

WC: 100
This Flash Fiction was brought to you by clarinet procrastination.
© 2020 - 2021 snickiedude
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Things that don't happen to piano players. I still felt this, though.

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"Can you play Coldplay?????"
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I love this far more than I could have ever imagined