FFM 2020 27 - Mutual Motives

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Annie is small and pale, with a fighter’s physique. She’ll look like a whale soon enough though.

Caitlin is tall and just tan enough that onlookers at the public pool silently question her race. Her physique is much leaner, perhaps an illusion given by her height, lending her the appearance of a grasshopper.

Between the two of them and within an about five feet radius around either of them, there is not even a single ripple on the surface of the pool.

“So how’s school?” Annie finally says.

“Oh, you know,” Caitlin muses. “Stressful.”

“Ah. I feel that.”


The silence that hangs over the pair is palpable. A six-year-old enters their five-foot radius chasing after a toy, panics, and swims away screaming. Nobody hears him until he exits the radius, and then all eyes are back on the pair of metas huddled in the corner of the pool. The toy magically makes its way back to the kid. The radius of silence expands another foot.

“So,” says Caitlin after the eyes start turning away. “Ice cream?”

“Oh my god yes.”

Flash-Fic-Month 2020 Day 27

This story is fanfiction.

WC: 181
This flash fiction was brought to you by that guy the home insurance sent to survey the property two doors down and got the address wrong somehow and visited me and my friend while we were in her pool.
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