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"He's a good guy," says Jenna. "He would make a suitable life partner."


"We have similar beliefs and similar enough interests and enough common sense that we can debate and not resent each other at the end. He's intelligent too. Knows how to cook."

"But you don't like him."

"Of course I like him, I just…" Jenna heaves a sigh. "Platonically I'm very open to him. Romantically I'm very lukewarm. I don't have a particular desire to kiss him or anything like that."

“That’s normal.”

“Apparently not,” says Jenna. He wants a girlfriend, maybe even a wife. He wants her. But she doesn’t want him, not like that.

But she does want him.


“You know, when I had crushes on boys, it was usually boys that I was already friends with. Like ‘ooh, he talks to me and he’s funny.’ Those were the boys I fantasized about.”

Jenna blinks. “You know, in the LGBT community, they would call that demisexuality. Like you’re not physically attracted to a guy until you’re already emotionally attracted to him.”

“The LGBT community can call it whatever they want. It’s normal.”

“Apparently not,” says Jenna. “A bunch of years ago there was this link on Tumblr that led to a Buzzfeed article that a bunch of pictures of hot sexy shirtless guys and the caption was ‘if your ovaries don’t explode at least once in this article then you’re not human’ or something like that and I got to the end of the article and I’m like, ‘okay? Like yes, they are very good-looking guys but I feel nothing?’”

“That’s normal.”

“Apparently it’s not. Because lust is a thing, I don’t know. It's abnormal enough that the LGBT+ have claimed the orientation.”

"Well it should be normal."

"Yes it should. But you should still not expect grandchildren, or at least not anytime soon."

Flash-Fic-Month 2020 Day 26

A few vignettes about me trying to talk to my mom last Tuesday about being asexual. She doesn't like it because she's a bit homophobic and asexual is in the LGBTQ+ umbrella (even though I personally don't relate to most of the community underneath that umbrella). I haven't even tried to bring up being aro-spec. I think she knows though. I'm like stupid oblivious most of the time to people checking me out.

WC: 309
This flash fiction was brought to you by the guy I'm kind of dating (not since coronavirus though) but we're not "together".
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I will argue that not having your ovaries explode is quite normal. I will also argue that normality is an illusion.