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The City always works: it has sidewalks and buildings, and that one cat that people always call about getting stuck on the fire escape. Most of the time, the cat could get down on its own if it wanted to, and even if it fell it would land well.

But Deadra rescues them anyway, just for the smiles of the children. (Think of the children!)

And it’s a nice break from bashing in the heads of mob bosses hooking street kids on drugs, making Lovelady’s night job easier in the meantime.

Oh, the joys of being a superhuman who can easily run on no sleep for days at a time.

Deadra swoops into the police station, her latest catch draped over her shoulder: a thief who had stolen a pair of samurai swords from a shop in the city's Asian district in a foolhardy attempt to use them to take down the resident supers, namely Deadra herself. The fight had been easy, as is wont to happen when your skin is like titanium. The only reason to have broken a sweat was that it was 96 F and the sun was only barely dipping into the horizon.

After signing the usual paperwork, Deadra steps out of the station, but instead of orange smoggy twilight caused by gas-guzzling muscle cars and street filth caused by the owners of those cars, she finds herself surrounded by green. Not even the door to the police station remains.

No problem, she thinks. I can fly out of this hedge. Which she does, and promptly falls back in, strangely cold.

Scattered on the grass around her are a flock of pigeons, frozen in time as if in a picture. Some of them are pecking at imaginary bugs or breadcrumbs. There’s a pair fighting over there. Several are frozen in midair, one with something long and thin trailing from its tail feathers. When she touches one (no, not the pooping one), she learns it's made of ice.

So the only way out is to walk.

The sky quickly fades from orange through violet and settles on a rich inky indigo, but the hedges are kept illuminated by a bright gibbous moon above. In it, Lovelady can see how well-kept the hedges are and can appreciate the detail in the pigeons, iridescent on top of icy blue under the direct moonlight, and makes a note to have Lindsay track down and recruit this gardener and sculptor - maybe they can do something to fix up the old chemical waste dump. Occasionally she comes across a blue-ice pigeon that looks partially melted, as if the icy spell that seems to be keeping them contained in the maze is wearing off after God knows how long, and she wonders if the bird will shake away the lingering frost and fly away. It doesn’t.

And there is that cat, too. Poor thing.

After too many hours, she reaches the maze exit. But instead of the city (and where would a giant hedge labyrinth like this fit inside the densely populated city?), the hedges part to reveal a carnival, with red and yellow tents scattered across the green and a big top in the near distance. Lovelady, in Deadra’s superhero spandex, looks out of place among a gaggle of sparkling, metallic-clad carnies and yet fits perfectly in with their bright colors, and still, she wishes she had one of her nice suits.

The air is taller here, so Lovelady takes to the sky, careful to stay below the height of the nearby circus tent. It… looks like a regular carnival, aside from the decidedly inhuman (but still humanoid) carnies, complete even with a sword juggler.

What a splendid idea - her men have been working so hard lately, they deserve a bit of fun.

The heroic Deadra in Lovelady catches sight of perhaps the only other two humans in the carnival, one of them a child, and levitates toward the scene - a desert garden attached to a fortuneteller's tent, all in the middle of the lush greenery upon which the rest of the carnival sits.

An old hag - magical hag - greets her. Lovelady cackles at the fun this will be.

Flash-Fic-Month 2020 Day 25 - Collaboration poison challenge
:bulletblue: In collaboration with KiriHearts , inksoaked , and neurotype
KiriHearts 's entry -
inksoaked 's entry -
neurotype 's entry -</span>

:bulletorange: Four of us means four poisons. Here are the elements in my story:

    • Your story must feature a bad-ass heroine. - Deadra

    • Include at least ONE (1) of the following things in your story:

      • muscle cars

      • samurai swords

      • a thief

      • a nice suit - lampshaded as not being there =P

  • “THAT’S NOT WATER....”

    • Use all seven colors (ROYGBIV)

  • PATCHWORK TIGERS - warm and strange

    • Your story must include a fairground, carnival, or circus.

  • MOONSHINE: -- whiskey

    • Your story must feature a moonlit rendezvous.

    • Include ANY TWO (2) of the following: 

    • something buried deep.--The garden. Possibly also how much Deadra/Lovelady compartmentalizes her personality.

Deadra/Lovelady is the heroine from my day 2 story.

WC: 701
This flash fic was brought to you by a hurricane.
© 2020 - 2021 snickiedude
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Yoooo this is GREAT! The descriptions are so well written, and I love how this part fits in with the other three pieces of y’all’s collaboration xD

This is my favorite line: “The air is taller here, so Lovelady takes to the sky...” What a cool way to say that?? “The air is taller...” :love:

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I love this. Your piece, all four pieces, the whole thing. You guys did something amazing here, structurally and individually, and reading it was an absolute delight.

You've described the ice sculptures so beautifully here, and given the whole thing so much atmosphere.