FFM 2020 22

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Little girl, nine, what are you doing tonight?

I’m hiding under the stairs from the big scary storm. It’s gonna rip our house apart but in the inside closet with no wind, everything that I love will be safe.


Well, not everything.

It’s only a few hours of rattling and crying and flying tree branches, but then tomorrow we go to dig our friends out of the wreckage.


Big party soon! Will you be there?

I cried at the last party. We’re going north with everything we love.


Well, not everything.

Our friends are leaving too, but they and their pets will be there for the party in the house on the big hill. Please be nice to them.

Don’t worry, we’ll save some afterparty for you. Can’t let you miss out on all the fun!


Surprise party!

The fuck is this? Your buddy just had a party here two weeks ago. Go away.

Yeah, but I wasn’t invited. Fuck you, I’m coming anyway.

Fuck you and fuck everything.


Well, not everything.

Parties are better with friends. That way we can all die together! We’ll count how many fences go flying.

(I’m still going to hide all the things I love underneath the stairs.)

Flash-Fic-Month Day 22

WC: 207 (3*69)
This flash fiction was brought to you by the three hurricanes that struck central Florida in 2004.
© 2020 - 2021 snickiedude
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Ooooh, I like this with that context. Scary, though!

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This worked surprisingly well and coherently for all that back and forth without needing tags or anything. Nice job, and woah... crazy weather!

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Welcome to Florida. :XD: That was 2004, and I'm not even counting Ivan because Ivan hit the panhandle and didn't really touch the peninsula.

Thanks for enjoying! :D

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Whoa, three hurricanes? That's insane!

I love this story, though. Well written! :clap: