Are Feelings Real?

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Across the room he sees her reading text
Until she looks at him with coffee eyes
And stares at him like walls where sit the flies.
Surprises him with what she would do next
She could not know on him what were effects:
The flutter of his heart to realize
Her voice like hundred quiet butterflies
Shyly he asks, with him eat some Tex-Mex?
How cute, she is, like an oversized elf.
Attracted, he admits, since they first met.
But yet he cannot help but ask himself:
Uncertain is the mind of his target?
Though in his arms she seems to throw herself
A hope he hopes they never will regret.
Another sonnet about feelsy boy stuff.
Except this time I wrote it from the boy's perspective.  Sort of.
And I left out a lot of details about the parallels this has with the situation it's based on.
And now I must go work on a presentation that's due in ten hours.
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