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I guess it's pretty cliche but at least I waited a while after that whole craze died down.

Basically just a quick thumb that turned into an illustration out of practice. It always annoys me that the majority of paintings you see of IT are just a standard human clown and not any of the
horrific transformations he can go through. The idea was to do the outfit of the Fukunaga version and sort of my imagining of what the monstrous version looked like as I read the novel.

The hands reflect the green inhuman skin that you see in both the 1990 mini-series and the Fukunaga film.

I watched the 1990 live when it came on originally but I didn't read the novel until summer '17. I like King's books but I had only read a few when I was younger and am starting to catch up to
them more recently having also read "The Shining".

Anyway, This took a little over 20 hours I think, and I look forward to getting better at clothing folds/physics. It was a lot of extra work for those.

Thanks for taking time to look and especially if you took time to read.

Your favorites help more than you know.
On the edge of the universe
I like the movie but I will always prefer the comic because I read it back when it came out and I really liked how much personality Thanos shows throughout.
His lack of ability to use the gauntlet to it's fullest ability, his fault in not seeing how futile his love of death is and his eventual surrender of the gauntlet due to his realization of these things.

There's a very good reason he finds the mind stone last in the film: If he got it first or anytime other than last he would have omnipotence and therefore there would be no story to the collection of the rest:
He would instantly know exactly where each was located. Then it's a matter of finding the space stone to teleport to the reality stone and then it's really all over.

In fact, an adept user of the reality stone could likely wish the other gems into their possession provided they could defeat Eternity, keeper of reality.

The idea here is to have the feel of walking up to the top of the stairs on Thanos' asteroid in the issue "Cosmic battle on the edge of the universe" wherein all the heroes are killed effortlessly by Thanos
and Terraxia (She kills Iron man and spider-man. Attentive readers may have noticed her beheading Iron Man, but I thought I'd have the non-gore version).

I believe I've gotten the size of Mjolnir wrong but it was too late to fix by the time I realized. Cap's shield was originally planned to be in the image, but it clashed with Spider-man.

Unfortunately the large stone busts on the asteroid are so large that to fit them in it would have to be such a long shot that the characters would be near ant-size.

Thanks for taking the time to look and especially if you read all of this.
In the recent months of study I've learned some new ways to classify different things happening with light that aren't usually referred to properly. In fact, many people are largely unaware of these 
concepts consciously and so have trouble expressing them.

These aren't wavelength concepts in regards to color, but mostly physics and human physiology.

First, lets start with light sources and their hierarchy. The Sun is the ultimate light source to us. It is the brightest, and is unarguably number 1 in the hierarchy. It is also one of the most diverse lights we can see. It contains pretty much the entire range of the visible spectrum. This is another reason it is our standard for comparison. When you start to create a scene in your mind, you should compare it's light sources to the sun. The hierarchy after this is somewhat debatable. I would classify street lights and other powerful man-made lights next, then indoor weak lights after that, and finally Moonlight.

You may see things differently, and that is totally ok. Many factors can affect how bright the light appears. Surely you've seen how spotlights and flashlights can be focused into a stronger beam. This is the law of conservation of energy at work. When light is blocked, it has to go somewhere. It will continue to bounce until it's kinetic energy has played out. This is also why closer proximity makes a light brighter; the longer the distance from the object reflecting light, the more photons escape perpendicularly to the wavelength propagation and the less gets reflected. You and I could be talking about the same light source, but have we disclosed the variables that can change the perception of it?

Different types of lights are created in two main ways: incandescent and plasmic. Incandescent lighting is when an electric charge heats a piece of metal until it glows hot enough to produce light, or heats elemental powder into gas, which gives off light. This is basically light bulbs and flourescent bulbs. The idea is the same as a blackbody radiator, which is a device used in a spectral analyzer to determine the colors of things. Plasmic light is what happens when electricity gives off light. This is LED monitors and lightning. LED is a light emitting semi-conductor diode, which is a basic logic gate that can only send electricity one way. 

Now to the important part, which is the difference between luminance and illuminance. We all know the difference, but there seems to be a common lack of these terms in art instruction/discussion. It is a really important thing to understand the difference. Luminance is a light source, usually one of those mentioned above. If it is not giving off light, it is reflecting light. It is illuminated. What makes the difference in our images, in terms of making something look like it is giving off light? It is incredibly variable, and the variable is the aperture which is receiving the light. The Luminous Flux vs the Luminous intensity.

Luminous flux is the total amount of light being emitted from all sources in the scene which could potentially reach the aperture (eye or camera). The luminous intensity is the total amount of light hitting the aperture. Think of luminous intensity as a percentage of the luminous flux. Our eyes have a baseline electric charge called Univariance, which measures the electromagnetic value in the photons and dilates or contracts our pupils accordingly. When the luminous intensity of a color exceeds the amount of light that is ideal for the aperture, overexposure happens. The eye is adjusting to the total amount of light, not the brightest value. This is why looking at a light source in a dimly light room (tungsten light bulb) will burn in to your eyes rather than adjusting to looking directly at the light.

So my theory in a nutshell is this: any color in a scene which is overexposed appears to be luminous. It will take work to figure out what will appear that way in a scene, but you start to get a feel for different situations after a while. Make comparisons. Let's say the sun is the brightest and has a value of 100 on my fake luminous flux meter. What percentage of that is hitting my eye? It doesn't have to be too exact, as long as you are making a judgement. Now let's compare the other light sources to the sun. What value on the luminous flux chart do you think a street light would be? Again, what percentage of that is hitting the eye? Hopefully this will help to make it easier to understand what you're seeing on histograms.

There are a ton of other things that can be done with exposure in a scene, but this has gone long enough, and I've covered the concepts that I intended. I leave you with the list of terms.

Getting this stuff right is pretty much everything when it comes to making surface values look right, and it will be much easier to research when you know what terms to use. Look deeper. I still have a long way to go with this concept.

Aperture-the eye or camera

Luminance- Creating light through heat/electric means

Illuminance- Being lit by a source and reflecting light. Don't forget the moon is reflecting, not creating.

Luminous flux- The total light that is radiating in your scene.

Luminous intensity- The total light hitting the eye or camera. Expressed as a percentage of the luminous flux.

Univariance- The electrical charge in the eye that determines the size of the aperture.


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