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1200x800px 573 KB
Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Shutter Speed
1/125 second
Focal Length
50 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Feb 28, 2016, 2:33:22 PM
Sensor Size
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All y’all mother fucking sleez bags in the comments are fucking weirdos and fucking dumb asses too lol!!

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Bitch you ain’t even cute and why the fuck is this bitch posting random ass photos do you know this is for art you dumb ass Bitch your such a hoebag

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swiggity swooty
I'm comin' for dat booty 
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Amazing piece of art.
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sweet yo ............
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Why the fuck are you posting this on an art website?
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I do not appreciate this. But thank you for being respectful.
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Some might consider photography an art form. Don't you agree?

Maybe this piece of art offends you for some reason.  Maybe you should spend your time looking for art that you like and not wasting time being critical of the art you don't like. Maybe you are just a judgmental troll. Who knows?
:shrug: rvmp 

Maybe I should go to your page and ask:
"Why the fuck are you posting the scribbles of a 4 year old on an art website?"

Have a great day!  =D 
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First, I don't get offended.
Second, this isn't photography. It's plain out pornography but edited so people that love to fap to this shit have a reason to defend it so they can have eye candy.

Third. This was on the front page of undiscovered deviations. I didn't fucking look for it, in fact, I keep away from things like this best I can, but I can't really help it when it's on the front page of deviantart and I just want to browse for drawings others have made.
Fourth, I can be critical of any art I want. I can tell when a nude woman in a picture makes it photography or pornography. I can tell when anything is art or not. For example, I hate MLP, but I can appreciate actual art people make of it because it's art and I'm not biased.

Fifth, don't you fucking dare ever insult one's art because they offended you. I could insult your art right now but I'm not. Because I can actually see potential in it.

I've already had a really fucking bad day. Go get shot by the Muslims. Thank you, bye-bye!
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There are so many reasons why you're a fucking idiot.
147CombatMedic's avatar
Yep, butt-hurt.  Everything is porn.  It sounds like you get offended quite easily.  Maybe a Disney page is where you should hang out.  Waaaah! 
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Lol, you call me butthurt.
A Disney page? Is that supposed to be offensive?
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I figured Disney wouldn't be offensive to one so sensitive and judgmental as yourself.
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Glad you agree that you're like that.
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