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Sabriel and Touchstone - color

Once again, a coloring of the talented 's work. I've had this lying around for ages now, figured it was time to finish is.

I've recently finished the entire trilogy, and this is still my favorite moment in the three books. But that's probably because Touchstone is do damn hot in his little tartan kilt.

Sketch is by
Coloring by me (Flash MX)
Books by Garth Nix
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Does she have a Gotye??Confused Hi, me? 
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i love this series!! i have them all and i wish he would make more, other than
Across the Wall: A Tale of the Abhorsen and Other Stories. its not really apart of the trilogy, and i havnt read it, but i want to just because lol
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Awesome colouring of an awesome picture :D
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Sabriel looks like she has a beard in the coloured version, but minus that and this is wonderful!

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Kiss her you're dyyyyiiiinnnngggggg!!

love these books. :)
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<< I've been dreaming of a true love's kiss, and a prince I'm hoping comes with thiiiiiis
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*Drools* I keep rereading those books every year. XD :drool:
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Whats the name of the books?
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Sabriel, Lirael, and Abhorsen.

They're the three books of The Abhorsen Trilogy by Garth Nix. All together an excellent read.
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ah coolies coolies. Thanks!
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there is something about a kilt...*slides closet door closed with one foot*

i love how she has him by the ears...
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