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If you're interested, please send me a note
Star!Star!Star!Star!Star! Commission price guide Star!Star!Star!Star!Star!

You can take a look at my gallery for more sample picture,
or this commission folder

You can attach my artwork with the commission note, to refer to the style you want.

Bullet; Yellow Rules Bullet; Yellow
Point Right These prices are for Non-commercial use.
If you want to use it for commercial, please contact me.
Point Right I'll have a permission to upload the picture (with watermark) in my gallery, for using as a portfolio.

- Number of characters (on the same picture) :
- Type :
   [Head shot / Bust up / Waist up / Thigh or Knee up / Full body / Chibi]
- Color :
   [Soft shading, Cell shading / Full cg, Full cg with watercolor style]
- Reference picture and/or description :
- Pose and facial expression :
- Etc. :
   [e.g. bg if it has / personality or mood / theme]

Point Right Please inform me in advance if you have a specific deadline.

Point Right For character design the extra price would be added.
Point Right If you don't have a reference image, please tell me a specific/clearly detail.
[for example : hair style, hair color, eyes color, skin, shape, clothes, personality or mood, etc.]

Bullet; Green Step Bullet; Green
Point Right After sending me a note , I'll reply and send you a PayPal invoice.
You can pay in full or just half at first [and pay the rest after receiving the sketch, before continue coloring].
Point Right After I receive the payment, I'll start, and send you a sketch when it's finished, you can asking for edit if something's incorrect. [limit = 3 times]
Point Right After the sketch's confirmed, and you've already paid in full, I'll start coloring it.
Point Right When It's finished, I'll send you a full picture. [without a watermark]
Point Right And I'll post a picture with the watermark on my DA gallery and another website. (e.g.  Facebook page / Instagram) for using as a portfolio.

Bullet; Red Deny Bullet; Red
- No mechanical (but if it's just a few, maybe can do)
- No nude / porn / NC-scene
- No bodybuilding [a huge muscle]

Bullet; Green Accept Bullet; Green
- I accept almost all of the style other than my deny list. And if you're not sure, please feel free to ask.
- e.g. OC / Fanart(game, anime, Kpop, Idol, etc.) / NL BL GL / Fantasy / Cute animal and doll / novel cover and illustration / mascot / logo / etc.
PayPal Only Stamp by PaulJPowers
Please feel free to ask if you have any question.
© 2014 - 2021 SnellSnail
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Hi, i love your art so much, it's like it is perfect for the novel i'm writing
Are you still open for commission? How can i send you my note? I may need a book cover art and some character designs.
SnellSnail's avatar
Thank you very much, I'm glad you love it.
Yes, I still open for commission.
To send a me note, you can click on 'Send a note' button (top-right corner on my profile page)
Description for the book cover, you can use the same form in this commission info.
Description for character design
- Front view only / or + back view / + various facial expression
- Character details :
[ hair style and color, eyes color, gender, skin, body shape, clothes and color (or main color), personality or mood, decoration, weapon, etc. ]
Charlies-Doodles's avatar
Do I note you if I wanna grab a commission from you~?
SnellSnail's avatar
Yes, please send me a note with commission details / references  Llama Emoji-58 (Hop and Jump) [V3] 
Charlies-Doodles's avatar
Awesome I'll note ya once I'm back home from work :'D
Miraclekid92's avatar
Good day,
I sent you a note expressing my interest.
SnellSnail's avatar
Kyaatto's avatar
Hey there!
I was wondering, do you draw Anthro aswell? o:

I'd love to commission you in the future if you do. <3
SnellSnail's avatar
Hello, thank you for your interest.

Normally I do the human version, but sometimes I also accept the Anthro,
it depends on the character and details. (and maybe the price will be added for the Anthro)
I would like to see the commission details to consider if I can do it or not.

Thank you again. Llama Emoji-37 (Teehee) [V2] 
Kyaatto's avatar
I was planning on commissioning you for a Chibi (Full CG) of my character: Oni.
Oni by Kyaatto xD

Not a problem!
SnellSnail's avatar
I see, it's alright ~
You can send me a note when you want to commission.
Kyaatto's avatar
I'll be sure too! :)
Thank you for replying.
SnellSnail's avatar
You're welcome. Llama Emoji-04 (Pretty) [V1] 
Phoenix-Hawk's avatar
Hi! Are you still open for commissions? ;u;
SnellSnail's avatar
Hi ~
Yes, currently the commission is still open.
Fishy-Nugget's avatar
i havent got paypal!!.. SSHIDSFISURG
would you accept points? ;;_____;;"
SnellSnail's avatar
Thank you for your interest,
I'm sending you a note. ^^
WhiteWolfTikaani's avatar
Good evening :3 
Are you still open for commissions ? 

SnellSnail's avatar
Hello ~
Yes, I am.
WhiteWolfTikaani's avatar
This is a good thing X3
Veperine-x-Hitaru's avatar
Are you still open? :meow:
SnellSnail's avatar
Yes, I am.
Thank you for your interest.
doomDweller's avatar

I.... I think I'll have to get one omg XD

Your art is so great, it's hard to resist owo

Should I just note you with the info when I figure out what I want? Course, I don't get paid till tomorrow, but I don't think that should be too much of a problem, should it?

SnellSnail's avatar
Thank you, I'm glad you like my art ~

No, it's not a problem.
You could send me a note anytime you want,
I just start sketching it after receiving the payment.
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