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Pirate Queen

Based on a skin I use for Minecraft, it's called Pirate Queen. :D

Link for it is here: [link]
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Hello? *echo echo*
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I emailed you about this picture (and others) .... again. But this time with money on offer :) I might only have 1-2 weeks to play with, though, so I'm hoping you're not holidaying somewhere without internet.

Felicity Banks
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Looks great.  You should do another one of her.
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First I thought it was Isabel the pirate, then I though It was skylord Amber... the nI read the description.
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So, it seems this lass is Skylord Amber perhaps? :P
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Nope! It be based on a skin I use for minecraft.
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well theres a picture in skyhold that looks exactly like that, and they hinted that it is skylord amber
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Permission to come aboard miss?
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lol i use the same skin
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Yeah your minecraft skin really made me want to actually put some more effort into mine :X Great drawing, I really love how you color and shade these, not overdone and looks great :3
Also hi, take care ;P
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Thank you very much! :D
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I'll post the link in the description. :)
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XD Just saw you on the Granny Bacon Special!

Not going to lie your skin for it is amazing
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Short, and to the point. :D
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