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My Bio

I am just a fun loving gamer, ,Roleplayer, costumer , artists and sculptor who just wants to enjoy what I love. I know I have a lot of health issues but that is why I strive to enjoy what ever time I have left and if I can make someones day, Help someone or just make someone smile then I can say I did a job well done. This also applies to helping new artist or costume makers alike I am happy to share my ideas and skills to help others grow. I also am a strong believer in constructive criticism because far too many times I see people putting others down telling them everything they did wrong without tell them how to make it better and to me thats just disgusting. To make matters worse most the people who do this have never drawn or given blood or sweat to make a costume before. We all start somewhere even I started with circles and stick figures.

I am not here to please everyone and never will. I just simply want to share what I got with others who enjoy similar interest.

Roleplay -

Yes -

RP Skill - 1998/ 20+ years

Veteran -

RP Type:

Semi to Multi Para -

No One Liners/ text talk

Age Restriction.

18+ Only (No Minors)

I welcome many rps but I like to be a Long Term Rp Partner, like a spider weaves its web I like to weave amazing stories. Amazing stories help inspire me to draw and keep me drawing more!

I do roleplay but I tend to reserve that to things such as Discord, Second Life , Telegram and such. I have attempted to roleplay in notes and I am afraid to say that it just doesn't work for me. Please know that I have been rping since 1998 and because of this I am a VERY detailed rper and can spit out several post within the matter of a few minutes. Sometimes I just type a lot and it is how i immerse into the rp more. I am sorry in advance if you get overwhelmed by my larger posts just tell me and I will give you the time you need to read and catch up. I continue my post with -C- continue and -E- meaning end.

I am by no means perfect but I do consider myself more advanced in terms of roleplay and I put a lot of effort into the roleplay. If i am pouring my heart out into a post and all I get back is barely a one line I can't respond to then..that is just not fun for me at all and kills the entire immersion. Because of this I don't like to rp with one liners or anyone who can't take the time to spell the word you and or know the basic dos and don'ts of rp. It is nothing personal it is just not going to be any fun for me to rp with people of this skill level. If you are a new rper and need some pointers and wish to get better I will happily give you some constructive advice and some resources to look at that will help you become a better rper.

When it comes to rp with me story is very important to me in rp and building up with characters is a must if you are going to be close to any of my characters. Its just like meeting someone irl it isn't a instant on hey were friends kinda deal. I have actually only had that happen a few times with just the right characters but don't expect it to be a thing right off the bat. I also want to put out there that I highly am reserved to not engage in NSFW RP. That is something I am not that keen on and if it does happen it has been earned and thoroughly rped out up to that point. I have had far too many come to me just wanting that so wanted to put it out there where I stand with it.

Gaming - these days I mostly play PC games but I do have a switch lite and have it decked out to be a totally portable game station. If you see an accessory I have for my system I will happily show you how to set up your own rig.

SW-3578-6738-1775 switch friend code

Yes I have Mario Kart 8 and Yes I have Animal Crossing New Horizons.


When It comes to my art I do both traditional and digital. I use a wireless mouse in MS Paint to do my Digital Work and Mechanical pencils with Prisma color pencils for Traditional. There is a trade off though , with Digital I can color very well and have been improving more and more over time. With Traditional I can do crazy detail I might not be able to do quite yet with Digital. Either way I put a lot of work into the art that I do with my heart and soul and it is a lot of hard work that non artist don't seem to understand. I do actually do commissions and if you wish to support me and like my art you can find my info below about prices and also my Etsy.


Well Think that about covers it !

If these things are okay with you feel free to toss me a note !

Favourite Movies
Scifi/Fantasy/ Action Adventure
Favourite Games
World of Warcraft, Champions Online, Second Life
Favourite Gaming Platform
Wii, NES, SNES , Arcade , PC
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no problem!

I understand that all too well.. thats another draw back about the ONLY treatment there is... a lot of people dont have insurance.. I can say the only thing that does help when its not a bad spell is tea, Anxiocalm , and a female multi vitamin but it does not do much when i get the more sever attacks.

I appreciate you commenting but if you read my post i do not have any female stuff anymore... i lost it all due to horrific tumors /cancer so im having it full force... Maybe this might help someone else who thinks they may have it but i KNOW what im dealing with... It doesnt help there are no treatments other than the hormone one which wont work for me. some people cant even afford those test ..... Sadly there was no information when I first was having this hell but now there is more out there for people to use... as bad as it may seem I highly recommend that people go through it naturally it is ten times worse when you have NOTHING. The only thing they really offer you is the hormone treatment but I honestly feel that its not suitable to people like me who react very very badly to it or are on the raw wire as i call it.. I really hope you do find relief and maybe the hormone treatment might work for you since you still are intact.

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no problem !