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Hello everyone! I need stuff to draw so I wanna try out requests. I'll be willing to draw a few things! However I will not draw anything NSFW, suggestive, or otherwise sexual content. I am interested in drawing animals, pets, OCs, etc. Subjects with lighter colors are also more likely to be picked as it is easier to draw lightly with graphite. I may decide not to draw something requested, that part is up to me. If you are really interested a more guranteed way of getting art is through doing an art trade, am happy to do so with anyone regardless of skill. Just contact me about it. For art requests please leave a comment under this journal! Please leave a link to a reference of what you want drawn (preferably a couple references if available) as well as more about the subject if the subject is a pet or character (personality, likes, dislikes, etc so I can get a better idea of what to draw). If you decide to share a character thank you~! This will ultimately be helping me by getting me to draw something!

[R] Dragonuva by sneakywolf117