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Mucha Pyrograph (Woodburning) Outline

Alphonse Mucha Pyrograph

I'm a big Mucha fan, and thought that the strong outlines and delicate colours would really suit being pyrographed, so I gave it a go :D

The final Coloured in: version.
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That's just gorgeous! The detail is amazing. :D
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Wow! Thanks so much, and thanks for the fave :iconcheerplz: This was just the outline.
The coloured-in version is also uploaded if you're interested [link].
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You're welcome! :D
Oh, I'm very interested to see! Off to look at it now (once I get pictures to load again)
BloodMoonEquinox's avatar
:wow: Incredible details! :love:
El-Barbudo96's avatar
I'd never even heard of Pyrographs before I saw this. It was because it was a Mucha that it caught my attention. It's amazing you must have a lot of patience.
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Thanks so much. Yes indeed, alot of patience with the details! I had to do it in 3 or 4 sessions to give my neck muscles a rest!
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Wow... Kudos on the details!
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Thanks a million :D

Made a bit of a mess of the bigger circles around the head, due to the line thickness when burning, but when I add a bit of colour, and shading hopefully these will blend the edges a bit. Otherwise, I'm pretty happy with it.

Your woodburns are amazing by the way. Love your Superman, Boondock Saints and celtic wolf knot :D
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Aw, thank you so much! I still have issue with shading...

What are you using to color this thing?
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Plain colouring pencils (not the oil-based colouring pencils).
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I heard that watercolor colored pencils work well with wood, but I haven't tried it yet. Honestly, I've been working on a wedding woodburning for that past, oh, year... Getting down to the final details and it's like, "I've worked on it for so long, off an on, that now that it's almost over, I'm finding ways to procrastinate and not finish it!" That said, coloring would be the moment of procrastination.
snazzie-designz's avatar
I know the feeling. I had a project like that before and I started resenting it, and if you're organising a wedding I can only imagine it's even more stressful!

As the wedding gets closer though, all you'll be doing is ticking things off a very long to do list, and if you put it on the list, you'll just do it, and get it done :D
Amarisa's avatar
Nonono, haha. You misunderstand. I said "wedding woodburning." It's a shot of two friends on their wedding day. It will be many years before I plan my own. :P I've been working on their present for almost a year because of not having time to do it due to a job and my thesis and other real life problems. I am determined to finish the project before Christmas so I can hand it to them.
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Ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh! Sorry :D I thought you were doing a wedding woodburn for your own wedding. Gotcha now!

Well I'm challenging myself to colour in the Mucha pyro by Christmas, so I'm gonna check your gallery on 1st of Jan to see if you did it, and vice vearsa!!
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