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Dublin Airport Pyrography Woodburning

This is a wooden box with a pyrograph (wood burning) of Dublin Airport, Ireland from back in the 1950s. It has changed considerably since then as you can imagine!

The blank wooden box only arrived the day before it was to be handed over so I had 15 hours to fill in some tear-out gaps between the top ply and the lid and reshaping of the corners due to careless machining in the box production, wait for the glue to dry, sand it all down and then mark up and burn this entire image int the 40cm x 30cm box lid.

As you can imagine it was an all-nighter and I was pretty bleary eyed by the end of it. I could've done with an extra few hours to tidy up a few bits and even out some of the shading.

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you continue to amaze me
snazzie-designz's avatar
Wow! Thanks so much. You've made my day. :)
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Ouch, you and your deadlines!
Still came out nicely. Nod 
snazzie-designz's avatar
Yeah I know the deadline was ridiculous. Definitely could've used another day on it but you just gotta work with what you're given. Still the recipient was apparently blown away by it so all's well that ends well. :)
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Yeah, Sheri had the same problem with the wedding crowns she did a few years ago. Plus, they wanted changes made all up to the end. No, I disagree!

That is good that they liked it, makes it worth the all nighter you pulled. Nod 
snazzie-designz's avatar
Oh no! changes up to the last minute! That's the WORST! Generally I don't take on commissions like that but you know when family are involved you end up going the extra mile..... and tearing your hair out in the process! :facepalm: :giggle:

Yeah for sure. :nod:
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Oh, they wanted engraving, but she told them there was not enough time to do it.

Hope your not bald. ;P
snazzie-designz's avatar
Oh good. I'm glad she told them it was not possible. People have no idea how much work goes into hand making things.

Lol! No... I've got plenty of hair so no worries bout being bald. :phew:

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Very, very true! :| (Blank Stare)

Mighty Eagle Good to hear!
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Wonderful Snazzie.
hard enough to do without the pressure :)
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Thanks so much. Yeah I wouldn't be able to do that too much or I'd burn out!!!!
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:iconbravoplz:... great work….
snazzie-designz's avatar
Thanks so much. I really appreciate it. :hug:
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Nice!! Good job with all the straight lines and stuff. I understand how frustrating it can be if you hit a bit of grain and end up burning a hole in your work haha. 
snazzie-designz's avatar
Thanks so much. :D

Yeah nothing worse than hitting wood grain and getting a big burn blob!!! :facepalm:
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