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11s Stamp

For people who keep seeing multiples of 11 on clocks, signs, numberplates, and all over the place :D
Feel free to use this stamp on your page, but if you do, please fave it.
It is not to be used for any other purpose other than a stamp on DA without permission.
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:iconawesome-plz:Looks like a time bomb :iconexplodeplz::rofl:
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Wow! Thanks so much for the watch too :hug:
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Your welcome! :) 
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Nearly every day, I look at the clock and see 12:34 or 1:11 :O_o: I was actually born at 1:11 in the afternoon, it's weird! :XD:
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I've been seeing these times for years, on clocks, number plates phone numbers and lots more.

There are a good few websites that discuss the 11:11 phenomena, and most of them seem to think that there is a spiritual significance to it, but they vary on what exactly it is. It's worth reading a few different websites to get a few ideas on it.

My favourite website says that when you start seeing this number all the time, you start looking it up, and the journey to find the answer will bring you important information.
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