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Was playing around with some older ideas last night and came out with this, was fun!
Thank you!
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These city streets

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I’m screaming, this is incredible 🤭 what app do u use

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Perfect Art Work Digital!

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That is damn-near perfect. The atmosphere is stunning.

You have an email incoming. :)
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That's some good, very moody storytelling.
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God damn. This is perfect.
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Moody, atmospheric, terrific :)
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The dog is so cuute!
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Cuál es su historia? acabó un nuevo libro y salió a la lluvia a meditar y reflexionar sobre esa sensación de que parte de su vida quedó vacía al cerrar la tapa de su lectura? refleja cierta tristeza que podríamos intentar etiquetar como un rompimiento de amor o un problema familiar, principalmente con sus padres por la edad que aparentemente refleja... pero hay veces en que simplemente la melancolía se impone en nuestro ser y debemos pasar ese trago amargo carente de razón...
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Oh, man! This lighting is beautiful :D
Proportions are on point :nod:
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Where do you paint these arts? which program do you use?
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really love the lighting here!
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love the cityscape 👀
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I love your work so much - a lot of the times the subject is alone but all of your art shows the beauty in isolation too - almost as if despite being alone, you're never truly alone. There's so much life and movement in everything. 
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The vibrant violet lights brings the lonely city streets to life. Great work!
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you're f^cking bad ass dude
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your pictures are so impactfull and eye grabbing even small, but then theres the subtle details like the hover board and droplets off the dog etc,you are a unique artist with a unique style, more please!:happybounce: 
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