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Spirited Away


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Hey everyone! This is part two of my Reimagining Studio Ghibli series where I reinterpret a moment or a character in my own way. For this video I wanted to do a moment from Spirited Away that I liked a lot.

                                                                                                                                     Watch it on  Arrow Right Blue by VitaVitachanYOUTUBE I hope you enjoy the episode! 

More art on 


Thank you!
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Beautiful composition! I love that sense of age you give it, the trees and the lighting ❤️

my second favorite anime movie ever, only beaten by kimi no nawa

Great art btw

The forest bring a mysterious part to the draw.

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This is scene is so amazing!! :love: Spirited Away is just the best anime movie ever.

cardboardmemory's avatar

how many layers did this have?

MariiGoldenn's avatar

Lovely work!! <3

codelyokolover3's avatar
omg amazing it looks like it was from the movie then transformed into amazingness Hug ;) (Wink) good job 
Burke23's avatar

SO GOOD!!!!!!!!
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This painting just looks OS GORGEOUS, I love the lighting and ambiance of the scene !
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Wow this is beautiful! I love the lighting!

Ogunarts01's avatar
I remember watching this movie on Cartoon Network
Puppetmon16's avatar
So do I; it was on "Cartoon Network Fridays".
Ogunarts01's avatar
I thought it came out on Saturday. 
JackyBunnyBun's avatar
@@ which moment was it? I think her parents discovered, not she (cuz she too scared)

anyway, great artistic skills! even tho the leaves are kind of messy, it looks very realistic and detailed
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I don't think it's meant to be a literal scene from the movie. It's his own interpretation (as he even mentioned in the description) :D (Big Grin) 
JackyBunnyBun's avatar
oohhh I missed the first part just saw the other sentence with the scene he liked

my bad xD gomen
GlaxusPlaxus's avatar
How can I favourite something a million times?
NeverwinterCitizen's avatar
Pretty tribute to one of the top 5 animated films of all time
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This movie/story was enchanting in every way. Still an all time classic for myself and friends. You captured the scene/picture here! Very, very well done. And of all things, you chose the wall. Like, you can just "feel" the movie starting here and her parents have just walked inside. Eerie and magical.

Then again, with all of that vegetation around... did the movie just end? Hm. x)

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