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Rainy weather

Was raining quite a bit the past two days here in LA so thought i’d paint something inspired by that
Thank you!
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Love it ⛈🌃

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Nice legs they have.
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Nice artworks. I saw all of them.
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Sweet paintwork! Love the depth of field and lighting.
Funny thing, three years ago in Kagoshima I took a pic that is ALMOST EXACTLY like this scene.
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Wonderful work. The coloring and lighting is beautiful, and the background is pretty darn good.
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If you didn't know you are Facebook Famous now.  Dart FB page featured this piece.
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That's seriously one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Thank you.
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great job on the reflexion of the lights on the ground.
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Ahhh life and modern art, you combine them and present them like a boss:)
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GAH!! I found you on ig first and I just CAN'T get over your illustration style!!
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That's insane :D
This picture really speaks to me. I gave up trying to learn how to draw years ago, and only recently tried to learn again in mid December of 2017. Seeing this is exactly the kind of picture I would like to draw.The color and shading is amazing. The mood is conveyed perfectly. The small details, like the lights and rain slick ground are very well down. I love the fact that there is people and a background, something I wont to avoid is just drawing characters but no setting. This picture really make my heart happy and really inspires me to continue to get better as an artiest and stay committed this time. Thank you so very much for making this.
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My exact words. My experience was quite the same. Haven't learn to draw how I want, but I'll work until it gets like this piece!
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Nice...I would love a  Wall Print of this framed
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would you consider making a tutorial on the rain water effect? I like the way it reflects the light and everything
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So nice!
I love the background! would you ever make a tutorial? 
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Super amazing style!!

Bunny Emoji-18 (Shower Love) [V1] 
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