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Parkour At The Beach

Was sketching a bit last night over an older drawing i had and ended up with this, seeing parkour videos always blows me away, they do such amazing things!
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Good style! the color are so good and complement each other

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He better hope he either lands dead on top of that post thing or misses it completely!  The woman in the bikini looks sceptical.

Terrific action picture with absolutely beautiful detail.
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Your composition is amazing!
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Mood + Ambiance = freedom 

nice!! :D
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Awesome drawing ! Is he aiming for the precision on the little dark thing ?
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I like how you portray movement and speed not just with the brushing style, but also with the tilted perspective, and by amazingly matching the clouds' shape with the character's hair, body and movement. The jumping dude/gal's path going the same direction as the sun rays, as seen in the shadows position, even if unintentionally placed, also helps with that, along with the vivid colour contrast between his/her hair and skin with the blue sky, reminiscent of sports photography;
Though the movement is also expressed in the woman coming ashore, in opposition to that of the main subject, further implying motion - add that to the woman taking a picture of the moment, and you have the painting feel more realistic and lively.

This was my attempt at art criticism lol. Love your style :)
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ooh that's gonna hurt if he fails to roll. Love your art Snatti.
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Really powerful pose
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Hey you. Yeah you. That's pretty good. Here's a dollar. Don't go spending it on one thing now.
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wow, this has an awesome dynamic
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Summer Vacation Fan-club! B-)
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i've remember having dreams about this 
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most Grand kool_O!
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Love the colors and point of view ! Well done !! 
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I'm loving that lighting and dynamic perspective
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