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Been feeling a lot of stress lately so i tried to create an image to help counter that, might also get back to meditation

Thanks for looking!
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this looks amazing and so peaceful. i love how you created the mood of the picture. the gesture the color.... amazing.


Thank you for creating such magical artwork!

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This is beautiful! :) I love the soft colour palette that you've used.
Beautiful- very calm atmosphere. I can imagine that all she focus on is shamisen
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So gorgeous, love the brush you use!
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Really like the colour palette of this one.  Here's hoping you feel less stressed soon! You can almost hear her playing!
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it's so pretty, awesome job as always!
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So beautiful! I love the way you did the water!
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this is beautiful ahh
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This is so beautiful ^-^
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This is a great example of how colors can affect the mood of a piece. With more typical greens and blues it would have a joyful serenity, but with the subdued oranges and blue-grays it's still serene, but with a more sorrowful, somber tone. Very nice work!
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She's playing Stairway to Heaven on that shamisen.
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It's great ! I absolutely love the reflections on the water !
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Such a tranquil scene. Enjoyable to look at. Well done!
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love the colors
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I imagine the choice of colours effects what type of music we would imagine she's playing.
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Just beautiful!
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