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Miss home

wont be going home to Sweden this year for Christmas, going to miss all the snow, decided to paint some instead  
Thank you!
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So nice, good job

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Absolutely beautiful
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Nostálgico para mi. <3
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beautiful colour
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I don't know why, but the dog plus the sunset make me feel so sad. It's beautiful but also has a quiet slice-of-life charm to it.
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This atmosphere is absolutely wondeful
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It feels like you can jump into the image and feel that tepid warmth of the sun on your cold face... It's pretty magical to me.
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This is so good it hurts my feelings. That sunset... I may just cry. Well drawn, and well done.
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Ohh you're from Sweden? I'm from Norway, and I totally understand that you'll be missing the snow and all, makes the holiday so much better... Amazing drawing as always, and merry christmas :D 
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I love lightning on this, especially on snow and road also
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i love how you paint snow!!! No snow here, so I'll add this painting to my favorites to have at least a little snow on christmas :D:D
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Superb understanding of colors!
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I love these themes. 
I love skillful artist. 
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Woah captivating
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I love the colors in this piece.
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Simple but tasteful.
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Aw, sorry about that

Sweet painting thou!~<3
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A captivating winter view, an observation which is remarkable due to the fact that I just finished shovelling snow so I am not particularly keen on anything related to it. If I could, I would send some of it your way.

Regardless, despite an acute need for manual labour, winter is a fine season thanks to moments like this. Good work depicting the scene.
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