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League of Legends - Mafia Miss Fortune

I had the chance to work on updating the old Miss Fortune Splash art, a big thanks to my amazing co-workers and especially the champ up team who helped me a long the way with some great feedback! I had so much fun on this image and i felt like i learned so much, hope you enjoy it, be sure to check out the final version ingame! if your curious about the process for this image, i have some steps on my artstation…

Thank you!
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now this is CRISP!
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Wonderful work!
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Beautiful work.
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The outfit looks so cool :D
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Hey, my name ist Frock, and I'm developing a game.
I'm searching a Person, that could make me concept art for characters and Leveldesign. You're style of drawing would be Perfect for this.
I hope that it's not bad that i dont have money at the moment for this, but as soon as the game gets online you get credit as all the others, that helped with the game.
You can take those sketches in your Portfolio too. I dont understand those Messages here in Deviantart, so i give you my email address
My Email:
I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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You really refined the rendering in this one, especially the character, great!
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I like the lil mouse people.
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This is gorgeous!!!~ ♥ Beautiful job ♥♥♥
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OMG! I FOUND YOU!! I love this splash art you did!! 
It almost made me play LOL again! haaha! but just seeing the thumbnail view of this
my heart skipped a beat and I got super excited! 
you interpreted her so well here. amazing work! 

sorry for the gibberish string of words, too excited!
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Wow, nice lifely picture and great dynamics! Art in Motion!
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One of my favorite champs got such nice  new splash arts, and I was wondering who created Mafia skin for her. I finally found you!!! <3 <3 <3 love this and the rest of your gallery.
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Love this! It would also be cool to see you post some close ups on faces :)
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Really cool painting, my favorite in your gallery, well done.
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This is one of my favorite miss fortune skins. You did a wonderful job with updating the splash art! I checked out the process on artstation as well, I really enjoyed seeing your thumbnails.
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really like it, looks way better than og imo ^^
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Really dig the background of this one. Haven't played League in quite a while, but I did saw the new splashes in fb and this one was my favourite.

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Nice! One of your best pieces.
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So intense, Thank you for your works!
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