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Is John half targaryen?

By snatti89
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Last episode of got was so good! Also made me wonder is John snow half targaryen? Will he ride one of the dragons? Just wanted to quickly sketch down something inspired by that

Thanks for looking!
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KatoisStudent General Artist
Yes He is! That why he is so awesome and will rule the whole everything! (That's not a spoiler, I really don't know anything :D)
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Plugin848yHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow very cool!!
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ShimazunHobbyist Digital Artist
Hasn't it already been confirmed? When Bran had that vision? R + L = J is true, I'm a 100% sure.
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Check out my Winterfell painting,Im sure you will like it :)
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RgDrawProfessional Digital Artist
Amazing work :)
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Dream-PiperProfessional General Artist
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y-reHobbyist General Artist
He is. Oh, long conspiracy theories on ASOIAF forum dating back years. R+L=J xD
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MelodicChronicProfessional Traditional Artist
Sounds like you've missed some of the story. You find out that he is half Stark: "Ice".  And half Targaryen: "Fire". I believe that John himself is the actual "Song Of Ice And Fire" that is referred to in the name of the whole series. Great work.
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masterofshadowsHobbyist General Artist
Yes he is, see Bran's visions of the past. ;)
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amazingggggg!!!!!! (*o*)
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TornTethersProfessional Digital Artist
Yes the show has confirmed this.
He's also a Stark, who in the books have the ability to warg into other creatures, I think. So not only might he ride a dragon, he might even _be_ the dragon. 
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y-reHobbyist General Artist
I agree! :D
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Lazuli72Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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(Spoiler to some) Yes he is half targaryen. Dani's brother Rhaegar Targaryen is his real farther and Ned Starks sister Lyanna Stark is his mother. At the end of the last season Bran finds this out in one of his visions so need to tell John when he gets back to winterfell. And in the last episode Gilly was telling random facts about a maester to Samwell Tarly one fact of which was that he remarried Rhaegar (she struggled to say his name properly) in secret, implying that John Snow isn't actually their bastard son but a true Targaryen heir.
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YagorixelHobbyist Traditional Artist
Where have you been everybody knows, you know nothing snatti89. and ya he is yes   
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YagorixelHobbyist Traditional Artist
Its also Jon not John
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BurningArtistHobbyist General Artist

Not only is Jon Snow half Targaryan (sp?) (confirmed last season) but the last episode basically confirmed his birth was "official" (Since Raygard annulled the marriage to his "wife" and totally married Leana Stark, making Jon an offical noble/prince!) And now the bastard (no pun intended) went beyond the wall to potentially get himself killed while only us watchers (and Bran) know the truth. *slaps forehead*
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EntropicianProfessional General Artist
i don't kwno if john is half targaryen but this speedpaint is totally badass!;) great impact 
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landobaldurProfessional General Artist
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KoeynaHobbyist Digital Artist
this is so lovely!
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