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Hi all! I'm leaving Riot after working there for 6.5 years. It was a difficult decision, since I loved my work and my coworkers. I'm also super excited to announce the start of my outsource studio called ENVAR with focus on concept art and illustration! I share more on my Youtube

Watch it on YOUTUBE

More art on 


Thank you!
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Wonderfull job :)

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I love this one!! Also, just checked your YouTube and you have some very good content!

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Ohh... It's so... Cool 0_0 Such works inspire me and make me feel freer
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Beautiful art, really captures that feeling of walking into the city full of hopes but also uncertainty. Best of luck on your studio <3

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A beautiful moment, I love this city lights mood :)

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Congrats to striking out on your own!

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A big change - but a good one, I'm sure. Looking forward to seeing your masterful paintings grace all kinds of new projects.

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I love how the city has a rainy mood~

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Feels like my home city abit. Honestly wish I could walk on the street like this

Excellent please keep posting!

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awesome scene..great work :)

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I'm excited for you dude! Also this is gorgeous; my favorite types of paintings you do are the rainy ones. They're just so beautiful and atmospheric.

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Ohmygosh this is amazing/gorgeous!💞 The details and perspective is incredible👌👌😆👏👏👏👏
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