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Bird song

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its so pretty but if I showed my mom this she'd have a heart attack shes terrified of birds :clap:

Magic!!!! :heart: Thank YOU, Master!!!

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So pretty!!! I love the feeling of movement and life!
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dude your art style is insane
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Your work is never going to stop amazing me.
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So nice! Except the two perched seagulls should be facing the same direction. XD Don't ask... it's a seagull thing.
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Caught this on FaceBook.  DA posted it on the main page.
great as always.
Thank you for sharing.
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So elegant, delightful
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This is beautiful! Makes me miss the coast of Brittany...
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your perspective is always on-point as always! Looks incredible!
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If i did that i wouldn't have the bollocks to just leave it, soo much subtlety, i loves it obvs!
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I get it xD!

I get the sense that she's playing a bittersweet/melancholy song almost. Nice play on words :)!
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Wonderful, light atmosphere, very enchanting <3 
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Absolutely wonderful.
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That’s a lot of birds!
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Do you know the song "Birds" from Anouk? That is the first thing I had to think of, when I read the title. But then I remembered "Blackbird Song" from Lee DeWyze and now I don't know which song to listen to, when I look at this picture ö.ö
I ran by flock of seagulls.
Apfelmaeuschen's avatar
I was suspicious, but that's just a great song!
Chicken Dance 
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Seagulls, hmmph, stop it now!The Empire Strikes Back - Weird Yoda Icon 

But seriously.  This is beautiful.

Okay! I'm a dork.
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Beautiful, but I doubt I'd keep the same calm amidst all those seagulls. :D (Big Grin) 
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Awesome! how wonderful it is!
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